27 Aug 2004


That Guarana choccy bar is definitely giving me a chemically assisted boost to my training. Last night I was working on flying armbars as a counter to a counter to a front kick. Pretty awesome stuff. Might be rather over indulgent in self-defence terms, but it looks damned cool! We should split the syllabus into two parts. Part 'A' are techniques that work for self protection - like a hip throw, naked choke, groin kick or palm heel to the chin - all of them rather simple and unspectacular. Part 'B' techniques that probably would not work but look really cool such as flying armbar, leg wheel and most sacrifice throws. Of course some people are so good at part 'B' techniques that in all honesty, they probably could pull them off in real life. Now if I can somehow integrate my flying armbar sequence into one of the second dan modules, then I will definitely be flying (long as I eat some guarana of course!)

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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.



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