9 Sept 2004


I never used to prescribe to alternative therapies and supplements, I still very much doubt 99 percent of it stuff actually works, but I thought I would give Cod Liver Oil tablets a try. These fun sized translucent egg-shaped pessaries allegedly alleviate joint pain and, after a couple of weeks of eating them, I must admit, I am waking up with far less joint stiffness and the aches have virtually disappeared. Now all I have is muscle pain.

A fresh intake of newbies last night at class. It’s kind of like the start of new academic year at school. Keen, eager young students stand there wide eyed giving me there best “show me what you got” stare. Well, I think I did a good introduction as they all left with smiles and promises to return. Sadly, as is tradition, there is always one for whom the pace of warm-ups exceeds their own fitness expectations and he had to run to the loo, hand holding back a mouthful of vomit. He was fine afterwards and seemed very embarrassed. The irony is I thought I did a very short and easy warm-up segment. Oh well, we all have to begin somewhere.

Speaking of feeling sick, I was told that the girl we were watching very carefully hash her way through green belt grading on Sunday promptly collapsed in a feint at the end. Blimey, if you thought green was tough, wait til brown and black belt!!

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