22 Sept 2004

Not enough days in the week!

Ko-budo on Saturday started off badly as during the very first warm-up exercise, the sleepy headed Meerkat managed to bash his injured elbow with nunchakus. Severe pain, but managed to hack way through 6 hours of weapons training, the highlight was some nifty new tonfa strikes and a new nunchaku kata.

Sunday was a day of rest thankfully - calm before the storm as I willingly stepping into the BJJ class on Monday. Two hours of grappling fun. MP commented that I was going rather manic on the mat. Manic is not the word - getting tapped out for six is what I would say. But Eddie is a good instructor and the club is the friendliest I've been to.

Today, Tuesday, was our guest systema seminar. I was worried no one would come but in the end, an ace turnout and most of the members were raving about systema. A couple didn't seem to think much of it, but that's usual I guess. It might even have pursuaded a couple to try it out on Friday nights.

Tomorrow is more training and then off to Milan....phew!!!!

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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


Anonymous said...

nunchuk i think were ment to bash who is ever using them unconcious, it an oriental joke on us the stupid europeons.
o well time for training, getting thrown into the mat for two hours will stop me thinking of my headache.

slideyfoot said...

Ah, so you didn't record your first ever BJJ session then (which IIRC was at Carlson's?) Shame, would have been fun to read.

Meerkatsu said...

I did, on the my Imperial Club website, but I may have lost the article when I upgraded my computer and the website is now defunct :(

slideyfoot said...

Do you remember the url? Might be able to dig it out with the Internet Archive, as that records most websites.

Meerkatsu said...

It was a freeserve domain so when wanadoo bought freeserve, they stopped all members' free web space. I used the opportunity to re-vamp the website on a paid for host and never bothered re-uploading my old content. I've since had about four computer upgrades and no idea where that article is hiding. I might have a look at work as I sometimes back up docs there.

slideyfoot said...

Hmm - going off an old email I sent you back in 2008 (I sometimes forget I once contacted you about somewhere to host a London Throwdown for Bullshido. Back then, you were just "that TJJ guy someone mentioned on the forum" ;p), would it be somewhere on here?

Meerkatsu said...

wow a web cache!
It wil have been March/April 2003 as that is when my wife took a long 7 week business trip to Japan so I used the time to begin BJJ.
The links don't seem to open though. Will try again later.

slideyfoot said...

Yeah, the Internet Archive is an incredibly useful site, especially for people keen on recent history, like you and I.

I'm guessing this is the article? Should copy it over to your current site: the first lesson is always a cool thing to have recorded. :D

Meerkatsu said...

Give that mana PhD!!!
That is an amazing find. Thank you!

Will post as a new entry right now (just gotta proof it un case I offend anyone hahaha)
Damn, it really shows you cannot hide on the internet!

slideyfoot said...

Heh - all thanks to the Internet Archive. Absolutely fascinating place to wander around, looking at old forum threads from 2002, ancient flame wars etc.

With that and Google Cache (bit more awkward to use, but as long as you know the url, if you search for that on the main Google page, the cache option should come up: great for threads that have just been deleted the day before), it is difficult to truly delete anything from the internet. Hence why it is a good idea to always be as diplomatic as possible. ;)


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