21 Sept 2005

Jumping head, Flying scissors

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Jumping head scissors…flying armbars….body wheel…triple spinning, jumping crescent kicks…and many more. These were some of the techniques shown to us privileged club members when our head of association (BH) came to take the mat last Tuesday. It was a virtuoso display of ju-jitsu. Some were staple, but many were jaw-dropping, all taught to a supreme standard. I was worried that a lot of the beginners and novices were a little taken aback by these advanced techniques but I was happily proved wrong as everyone seemed to get the hang of them.
I had the unenviable task of being uke for BH and all I seem to remember was being spun around head over heels in all directions. When BH demonstrated a kicking drill, I got an evil dead-leg and collapsed under the strain. And this was from him just tapping my thigh with his kicks!
Quite a lot of ground techniques were covered. I am particularly pleased that this was so as it gave further vindication, if any were needed, that ground techniques and sparring is the way to go for students of ju-jitsu. BH also showed, for the first time, a new addition to the white belt kata which involved an additional series of kicks and left handed defences. One that will take a while to master I am sure.It was definitely a fun and eye-opening experience for our top sensei to visit us and one I hope to repeat again soon.

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