13 Sept 2005

Raging in the cage

I had been eagerly anticipating Cage rage 13. I think that I am now officially hooked onto MMA. And the latest show at Wembley did not disappoint. There were a number of excellent fights, several TKO and subs and one outstanding finale. On a personal note, it was great to see BJJ club members Brad and Ramos fight. Brad won with a blistering stand-up game and Ramos made a respectable debut against a much more experienced opponent and with only two weeks notice.
But the highlight for me was watching Vitor 'Shaolin' Ribero defeat Jean 'White Bear' Silva. I saw Vitor in the last Cage Rage (12) and was gobsmacked at his supreme skill at the ground game. Well, he excelled himself this time and kind of made mincemeat of Silva, himself a very experienced fighter. For me, the joy in watching a master like Vitor fight is the fact that his brand of BJJ and ground work negated any need for reckless punching and kicking. It was a technical master class and one I was glad to have spectated at close hand.
Finally, the promo video of the night must surely have gone to 'Cyborg'. A Brazilian fighter who only spoke three words of English, and they were the meanest words you will ever hear in your life. As this is a family blog, I will leave you to figure that one out yourself, suffice to say it was the WAY he said that half scared the crowd, half made them love this pitbull of a fighter.
I look forward to CR14 in December.

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