5 Feb 2006

Cage Rage 15

I managed to get away from the little one last night and enjoyed another scintillating night's entertainment at Cage Rage 15. Good to see Brad being taken to very edge by a very good opponent, and still maintaining his crown as UK featherwight champ but sad to hear the booboys who disagreed with the decision. I thought it was close but Brad edged it.
Good to also see the Americans coming over and using solid BJJ groundwork to eventually tap out their opponents. Although one chap, who is a boxer by training, refused to mix it up on the ground against a Japanese wrestler. That fight got a bit predictable and boring in the end.
Bizarrest match up of the night was giant handlebar-moustachioued newcomerDave Legeno versus Japanese wrestler simply known as 'The Punk'. What the punk lacked in size, he made up for in technique and won with a rare ankle lock. Something tells me though that we'll see more of Legeno as his ego is as huge as his presence.
Another interesting fight was that of Jason Delucia. Representing his own style called 'CombatAikdo' he is a veteran cage fighter of mixed fortunes. Tonight, he fell victim to a classic armbar within two minutes by Brazilian fighter Fabio Piermonte.
I think my favourite fight of the night was the wiley Jean Silva against young Brit Paul Daley. Jean, a BJJ specialist seemed to want to prove himself as a stand-up, and Daley, clearly a stand-up, was playing tactical cat and mouse. It lacked the big gun fireworks but I found it enthralling as each one tried to size the other up. Daley was more than amatch for Silva but unfortunately broke his thumb during the fight and had to stop, handing Silva the victory. There will be a re-match and I lok forward to it.
There were lots of other fights but my time away was limited so I missed the mighty Cyborg being defeated by Muay Thai expert Melvin Manhoef.
Roll on CR-16!

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