16 Feb 2006

Rumble in the docks

Meerkat popped down to Tilbury last night to pick up some club merchandise and managed to wind up training with head of JJ. Actually, what happened was I ended up groundfighting with a 4th dan sensei who was three times my size. We were only practising escapes but put it like this - the fact that I could not get the full extent of my legs around his waist to do a closed guard says something about the size difference. Still, I managed to think my way out of a couple of pin downs, and was quite pleased but he casually mentioned that he was letting me do that. What made it a little more awkward was that everyone seemed to know that I have been training in BJJ, so they were keen to see what I could come up with. Erm, not very much seemed to be my reponse. Oh well, maybe Royce Gracie, who is coming this Friday, can offer me a few tips on handling giant opponents. The good thing was that I did show my face, especially in the light of the news below:

A few rucktions within the JJ association have happened this week. Four very senior senseis, representing about a dozen clubs, have declared their split from the association with immediate effect. This has been very sudden and no one seems to know the true reason. I am assured that it was an amicable split, but it is still sad to see their departure. The JJ association remains healthy though, with clubs expanding all the time and students joining in their dozens each week, so I am sure it will take the news in its stride.

Off to revise my defences against titanic sized opponents now....

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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.



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