26 Feb 2007

Genie in a bottle

Meerkat has been busy working away on the website for the great new martial arts weapon as announce earlier. Here are some pictures of the system:

Most traditional JJ styles incorporate some weapons into their syllabus. When you reach senior dan grade levels, it's not unheard of for some jitsuka to carry their huge arsenal of kobudo gear in a mini-trailer or van. So why not invent a modular system that can create a dozen different weapons - from a short 6 inch kubotan stick to a massive 7 foot naginata pole? Well, the wait is over, the Martial Arts Multi-Weapon (MAMW), as developed by my buddies Grant and Eddie from Cobra Martial Arts.
It's a veritable Genie in a soft casing bottle. Inside one medium sized, flat packed hold-all lies the components that can make the following weapons:

2 x Kubotan – Senior & Junior
2 x Yubi-Bo – Senior & Junior
1 x Short Stick – Junior
2 x Short Stick – Senior
2 x Kali Sticks – Senior
1 x Jo - Junior
1 x Jo - Senior
1 x Bo - Junior
1 x Bo - Senior
1 x Naginata - Junior
1 x Naginata - Senior
1 x Nunchuka - Junior
1 x Nunchuka - Senior
2 x Kama - Junior
2 x Kama - Senior
2 x Tonfa - Senior

I've been lucky to try out several of the weapons from ths MAMW and it is really impressive. All the bits fit really well and the carbon fibre weapons are light but strong enough to withstand impact.
The CobraMA guys are rushing to unveil the MAMW for SENI'07, we wish 'em luck. In the meantime, Meerkat will continue to burn the midnight oil finishing off the website. Phew!

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