20 Feb 2007

Lion Tamer

Just came back from BJJ training and I am still a little gobsmacked by my experience just now. World Champion BJJ Black Belt Leo Negao came to visit and he offered to spar with us blue belts. OHMIGOD, this guy made mince meat of us, no he made mince meat of the mince meat - and he wasn't even trying. One by one we lined up and became mere putty in his hands, er feet, elbows, head. But of course, the best was saved till last - this old Meerkat had to spar with Leo who decided to tie his hands behind his back. Jesus! Nothing I could do could topple or trip or throw him. He just kinda stood there, absorbing or reacting to my every attempt to shift him. Even a cheeky flying armbar attempt was rebutted with a shrug of his shoulder. When it did go to ground, he continued to hold his hands behind his back and I just kinda bounced off him like rain drops against the surface of a highly waxed motor. IT was totally humbling and humiliating - all of it was captured on video too.
Leo Negao is a terrifically nice guy and he wasn;t of course trying to humiliate me, as he explained afterwards about the fact that he wanted me to understand about simple balance - action and reaction. For example, a double leg take down only needed to rotate a little to make work - not my heave-ho version.
Gulp. A big lesson in humble pie and a very definite I am not worthy head bowing ensued as I left the dojo clinging the small iota of dignity that remained.

Meerkat is the one on the bottom!

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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.



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