23 Apr 2007

Chewing water

Just finished a two-day weekend seminar with 2nd Dan BJJ expert David Adiv.
What an amazing teacher David is. I mean, the sheer quality and attention to minute detail is amazing and just blew my mind away. The emphasis this weekend was on balance and base- the root foundation of Gracie and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
David started off the seminar by showing us a few simple throws. Even here, the insights into where to place your foot or the grip or the turn of your hips of shoulders - you could train this for years and still not get right, but one session with David and he shows you instantly.
Then a long section on passing the guard. Something all us novice-intermediate students frankly are poor on and try our best to avoid if at all possible. David showed us the fundamentals, but taught in a straight forward- this is nothing to be afriad of once you know the basics - sort of way. Here, David's catch-phrases came to the fore, such as: I don;t want to see his knees! Or, if you don't understand this, then you just chewing water!

The final section focused on submissions from the guard, including one amazing trick that I shall not divulge but suffice to say, it is the most outrageously simple choke. Just goes to show, it;s not what you know, its the way that you do it.

I wish I could remember even a tenth of what David taught us these two days. I look forward to his next visit to the UK.

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