14 Apr 2007

It's back - 24 fighting chickens, the world's greatest martial arts website

Hoorah! It's back. After a lengthy absence, the 24fighting chickens website is back. I thought Rob Redmond had gone into hiding due to the very strong opinions he voiced on his website about his views on karate, Shotokan and the organisation. But obviously, all has become clear. He was busy being a daddy and finding time to do a complete website makeover.
There are some publishings in the martial arts world that every student NO MATTER WHAT THEIR STYLE, simply must read. One is Angry White Pyjamas and the other is this website. Read every article, absorb in the wisdom and common sense, laugh at the humour. Honestly, if any of my online offerings can reach a mere fraction of the depth and wit of this guy, then I can rest in peace. Truly the work of a legend.
Speaking of books and writings. I see the Gracies have put out a couple of new titles. Oh dear, looks like my groaning bookshelf will have to accept a new intake of tomes as these look especially good. I prefer instructional books to videos. I fall asleep to vids, but books you can pick and choose when and where to read them. Mind you, I never actually remember or learn anything from them. I just like buying jujitsu books.

Week 2 of my road to SENI. So far I have managed one run around the park and two sessions of BJJ. Very poor. In fact, I doubt I can really make a good stab at proper training due to family commitments. But I will still compete. Tonight's BJJ class was the best so far. Eddie taught some truly awesome techniques and my sparring was on top form, even managing a baseball bat choke from knee on belly against a bigger guy. But then I had to show off and got caught out in a rear naked. Pah!

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