20 Jun 2007

Royce fights drugs allegation

This blog would be remiss if it were not to mention the positive drugs test of Royce Gracie. Royce fought and won his fight against Kazushi Sakuraba on 2nd June. It was his routine drugs test for this fight where he tested positive for the anabolic steroid nandrolone. Royce denies the accusation that he took banned substances.
It is always sad to hear about drugs in sport. I think the whole MMA world would agree that Royce is a nice guy and quite possibly the last person you would expect to abuse drugs. Meerkat believes in the sincerity that Royce did not take drugs. If you know Royce, you know he is not a cheat. There is the argument that the sample was either tampered with, improperly handled, or the nandrolone derivatives that they test for, were a product of his natural metobolism. The BBC site has a good simple explanation of how nandrolone by-products could enter the human body without the person knowing. Unfortunately in this crazy finger pointing world, mud can stick and smoke can billow with accompanying fire.
Meerkat wishes Royce the best of luck in his fight to clear his name.

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