30 Jun 2007

Sensei Wristen locken

I was at BJJ training Friday night. Hadn't been for a few sessions and I noticed a couple of new faces. In particular, one who seemed to give me a bit of a stare back. No problem I thought, just people checking each other out. Maybe he was marking my card.
So I carry on training and sparring as normal and then one of the club regulars comes up to me and asks if I have sparred with the new guy yet? No, I answered, why?
Turns out the new guy is from a trad JJ background and has been tearing up the dojo the last few sessions with his rather unique brand of JJ. Oh God, I thought, typical, some trad JJ comes in and I get lumped into the 'strange' JJ category, just because I also train in trad JJ. Anyways, I decide to approach our new friend and offer to spar.
The timer begins and I grab the lapel, as one always does, and he instantly pulls for a rather forceful wrist lock. Wow! I think, he really is old skool, does he not know anything yet? Of course the wrist lock attempt is just giving me what I want (momentum and position) but I decide to play for a while. Every damn time I go to grab the lapel, he grabs and turns for a wrist lock old skool stylee. So I decide to get a little more pro-active and roll properly. By properly I mean looking for submissions, which I got with ease, 3 tapouts in one sparring round (4-5 mins) is a record for me. Actually maybe one didn't count cos he tapped as I went for his injured ankle. Far be it from me to rest on my laurels, but I enjoyed the roll as it was a good demonstrator that on the ground and in a sport setting, pure technique conducted in a relaxed state does beat brute strength and nervous force. Plus, the fact that without atemi strikes, trad JJ is fares poorly on the ground compared to BJJ. Come to think of it, I reckon even with atemi strikes, BJJ would have the upper hand. But then we delve into the realm of who is better and I don't want to end up in that hornets nest of an argument.

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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.



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