23 Aug 2007

Sports Coach - UK stylee

As a club owner, one of my responsibilities is to ensure I get full coaching qualification renewed every 3 years. In the past, all you did was to attend a one day seminar given by the BJJA-GB (the governing body) and you got a tick in your book to say you are now a coach.
Today, things have changed. In order to keep in line with what the national sporting body (quango or whatever it is), that is Sport UK, instructors must now have the following:

  • Enhanced CRB (criminal records bureau) check
  • Current first aid certificate
  • Personal indemnity insurance
  • Membership to Sport Coach UK
  • Complete a distance learning package
  • Pass a written exam (series of short essays)
  • Attend a one or two day seminar
  • Complete specified number of monitored hours actually coaching

What you end up with is a NVQ or equivalent certificate, endorsed by Sport Coach UK. All in all it costs about £250-£300 every three years.
Apart from the expense, the whole process is pretty complicated and being an admin-phobic something I would rather avoid. But I think these days, there are some bare essentials that every martial arts club must have - mainly; first aid, basic safety of equipment and dojo, and insurance. And you wold be surprised how few clubs actually have even that!
MA is a contact sport that involve a diverse array of people. Things happen occasionally that are bad and unavoidable. The whole coaching certificate and mandatory requirements should go some way to helping manage such situations a bit better. Like it or lump it, coaching qualifications are here to stay.

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Anonymous said...

"Series of short essays..." I had to do 14 in a weekend. Crikey. I then realised that Sensei Parker would not be able to read my urgent scrawl so I had to type them all up. Yes, 14 topics for Levels 3 & 4 (as you will learn next year).

Mind you, I learned quite a bit and Senseis Parker and Paper reinforced that learning in the training froom.


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