16 Feb 2008

Warm winds

Meerkat the martial arts nut is still here...just.
Not been back to BJJ training since DJ was born, but life is beginning to ease up and I may find some free time to get back into gear very soon.
In the meantime, I was intrigued to be asked by some of the office staff to help them get into shape, but they didn't want to do anything too vigorous. In fact they didn't actually want to get into shape at all. They just wanted to not turn into immovable lumps of furniture sitting at their PCs all day. So naturally, I felt obliged to help.
The ladies were all keen and eager and I thought this would be easy, so the first exercise we did was just rotating the shoulders. Oh dear, in between nervous giggles you could hear creaking and groaning and someone saying that it hurt and another exclaiming that one shoulder turned more than the other. This I realised was going to be harder work than I first thought. Mentally I recalculated the drill list to rule out all bar only the very easiest joint and muscle warm ups. The rest of the session finished without incident, but later in the day one of the participants complained to me that her knee really hurt. I felt a sudden pang of panic, oh no was it the one legged squat I made you do? No, she replied, it was most likely a side effect of her ligament knee surgery (that she failed to tell me about beforehand). Gulp, one simple simple session of barely warming warm ups and I have crippled half the work force at my office. I wonder if they'll want to continue next week?

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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


Anonymous said...

It's one way to angle for a promotion - eliminate the competition.

Dave T


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