8 Jan 2008

The 'weaker' sex

The Meerkat is back, well sort of. Two and a bit months busy rearing mini-meerkats and doing sod all exercise means a very unfit and out of sorts kat. So off I went for a run last night, and immediately started wheezing uncontrollably. I was determined to continue so that's when the heart palpatations kicked in. Clearly I am in a poorer state than I imagined. So more running is needed, thankfully it gets dark early so no one can see my pathetic broken frame lumbering through the streets of B'wood.

All my time off has not been entirely a martial art wasteland. Thanks to youtube, I can enjoy more obscure footage, like this awesome vintage jujitsu video. I would say it is 1940's (rather than 1920's-30's as described). Mr Chomley Warner and his Pathe news pals would be proud.

Happy New Year to all my readers.

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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


Anonymous said...

"Leave 'er to me guvna!" Oh dear oh lore, us flat-capped working class types ain't not never gonna get the hang of this 'ere Ju Jitsu lark.

It does go to prove that women who assert themselves will always end up leaving on their own, having frightened the men away. Women, know your place!

Anonymous said...

I can only empathise with your running experience. After THAT shoulder injury in early April, I effectively lost all fitness. The first lap of Hampstead Heath was sheer Purgatory. My ankle ligaments also proved unhelpful but I tried to make up for by running the Heath some 9 times over Christmas. The freezing fog didn't help and I soon learned my limitations; palpitations and sudden sleep during mid-afternoon.

But I know you and you'll get there. I'm not so hopeful about me.

BTW, youtube is blocked in the office so hope to catch elsewhere.

Peter McC


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