25 Aug 2010

My Favourite Photos - By Girl Wonder!

I first caught sight of Girlwonder's pictures when I was researching for more information on Gazzy Parman. I chanced on a photo of two of Gazzy's student kids grappling. It's the second photo below. What I like about Meghan's (Girlwonder) images are the sense of reality that is so apparent. Most of her images are a far cry from the glamorous ampitheatres of UFC cages and Mundials sports halls. Her photos strip away the glitz and show the grit that goes on in each and every roll. Here are Meghan's favourite photos and her own commentary. Enjoy...

Featured in this picture is black belt Ulpiano Malachias during one of his matches at the World Jiu Jitsu tournament 2010.  Even the smallest details can make a difference in the rolling chess match that is jiu jitsu.  I became fascinated as a white belt with the hand placement that black belts use in their game and have been paying attention ever since.  That holding your own foot can stop someone from moving speaks volumes.

Kids are my favorite part of shooting tournaments. They easily slip into a focused zone being able to concentrate only on what they are doing. Whether they are working the submission or defending the submission the intensity always shows through their faces.

Ed Ratcliff

Lew Polley

Going into the cage alone to face another man requires hours of endless training where all things must be pushed from the mind. There is intensity and strength in thestolen momentasthe fighter takes a break between training rounds.

Two important skills that all jiu jitsu practitioners and grapplers must learn to master are the ability to maintain composure in awkward situations and the strength to get out of them.


"I recently got asked why I didn't have many pictures where the hands were raised. To me, that is only the end result & there are always TONS of people getting that shot. I am fascinated by that which goes in to the path that gets you to that moment -  whether its what a tiny gi hold that makes a difference, what Jens Pulver calls "the lonely hours",  or being able to hold your body weight on your shoulder long enough to free yourself. There are so many themes that can be found in jiu jitsu and grappling pictures - concentration, strength, power, beauty, gore, sadness and elation. Everyone sees something different."

Thanks Meghan. For more of her gallery, check out http://girlwonderpics.com/
and join her Facebook group.


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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


isaninja said...

Some great pictures here, but with meaning too, I think alot of photog's miss something nowadays. And I think it's captured beautifully here.

Meerkatsu said...

I'm sure Meghan will be really pleased to read your complements Isaninja.
A picture editor has to find the right photo for the right purpose. Meghan's images are not publicity shots or cover photos, but they tell a story and would make great illustrations for an editorial.

James said...

I've trained with a couple of the guys in those photos (Ulpiano from the first pics and Paul Schon (6th pic, with the Paragon patch)

Jiujitsunista said...

Ooh! Some of these are FANTASTIC! I love still shots of grappling!


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