22 Aug 2010

Tatami T-shirt and Malvado Jogging Trousers

I don't mind admitting that due to my many product reviews, I get sent stuff every now and again in the hope that I'll give them a quick review. So that is exactly what I am about to do here with two new offerings from two different British fightwear companies: Malvado and Tatami Fightwear.

Usual disclaimers apply: I am not sponsored or supported by any one. The views expressed here are my own. Tatami are sponsoring my Crazy-Ass Gi Contest, but are not involved with me personally or my website.

Oh, the above photo is me mucking around trying to look like some super cool athlete in a swish magazine advert..yeah I know, I look like a dork. Nevermind. Read on for the review...

First up for discussion is the summer T-shirt from Tatami Fightwear.

Now Tatami Fightwear are super agile movers in the gi-making business and I've reviewed several of their gis before. Their summer range of T's were designed to appeal to those who wanted a fightsport t-shirt that did not have the cliched look of some MMA designs.

My wife thinks it is a cool design. But what does she know? She's not a finely honed BJJ athlete like me. In my opinion, the T has a tastefully funky graphic, if I was really fussy I would prefer a more obvious and striking reference to the arte suave but all the curly whirly stuff in the background seems to be the trend with fashionable young folk these days. It's available in either lemon yellow or sky blue for £18 from the Tatami fightwear website.

Next up are the jogging trousers made by British gi company Malvado. Now these pants, while they might look innocent enough, have somehow caused a bit of a debate online. Suffice to say that although the original photos don't seem to really do them justice, but they are not quite as 'freaking awesome' as the PR from the company might claim.

I was sent the size small and these jogging pants fit me exactly perfectly. The material is a sort of soft fleece that is very very comfortable when wearing, but they are a bit thick so I wouldn't go 'jogging' in them in summer.

One of the really strong points about the Malvado brand is the very attractive yellow and green embroidered logo used extensively over the trousers. It's the same work that went on their first generation of gi that I reviewed not long back.

So on to the bits I didn't like - the leg stripe. I really really do not like the very wide white stripe running down the side of each leg. It makes me look like a skunk run over by a truck. It's just too, er, wide! And I think it greatly devalues the appeal of the joggers, which overall are not bad in terms of quality, cut and fit.

My SMALL size trousers held all this gumpf in the one pocket (width 16cm, depth 15cm)

Available to buy from the Malvado website for £30.00.

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Anonymous said...

Dang it! I keep pronouncing their name in my head as "Moldova" >_<

JayB said...

has nothing to do with your post (other than tatami is offering a BJJ Deal, including THAT t-shirt, gi, and rash guard for a steal!!! even still, that has nothing to do with my request). wanted to know where I could get a Mill Hill BJJ club patch (if possible). If you would point me in the right direction (tried google, pointed to you)...i will be your best friend, er,,,mate, forever :)

Meerkatsu said...

Jay B - Email me (see About me section)

Georgette said...

I think the Malvado rep's response (which you linked to in your post) was so classically hilarious, I was almost tempted to buy the damn pants just for positive reinforcement.

But then I thought, where I live it is easily 28C/82F or hotter for 8 months of the year, and I hate running, and I agree, not keen on the wide stripe.

Nonetheless nice reviews, as always Seymour :) Keep bringing new stuff to our attention!


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