11 Dec 2010

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Hey! Just heard, American grappling phenom Rafael Lovato Jr is heading to London for a couple of seminars (Jan 22/23) at EKBJJ academy. I'm so onto that one, it's gonna be awesome as Rafael is a hugely successful champion and also one of the relatively few BJJ celebs who likes to blog regularly. Oh and he endorses one of the most bling gis on the market - the Lucky Gi!

Speaking of gis, after the thrill of reviewing the Break Point gi, I received two rather extraordinary reactions, one on each side of the appreciation spectrum. The first is that Break Point Fight Company loved my review so much, they want to feature it as an advert or advertorial within Gracie Magazine! So little ole me will be centre spread, so to speak, inside THE Gracie Magazine in January - totally high five me!

Sadly, on the other side of the coin, my reviews seem to have attracted a level of criticism and sneering that I genuinely did not expect. Have a look here. Within the various positive and negative responses posted on that thread I write a fairly lengthy explanation as to why I write gi reviews which I think justifies what I do, not that I need to justify myself, but there you go. The poster is not a troll job, he's someone I know and respect and yet his rant came out of the blue. It's nice to know who your friends are!

Finally - for undecided Xmas present purchasers - there are still some cool pre-Xmas discounts to be had: Black Eagle are offering a massive 20% off all BJJ uniforms, valid until Dec 19th, check out their website here: http://www.black-eagle.co.uk/brazilianjiujitsu

You can also get 5% off Tatami Fightwear products using the code MEERKATSU5

And don't forget, for US readers, that MMAOutlet are offering 5% off everything using MEERKATSU code.


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Anonymous said...

Haters gonna hate, look it as a measure of your success. I personally used your reviews to decide which kit i was next gonna purchase, so cheers man. Keep up the gi reviews.

André said...

I personally think his motives and arguments are small-minded.

Who prefers to be ignorant about their purchases? And what's up with "just buy any one gi and it'll do its job"?

I for one couldn't care less as longs as everyone who is against the alleged "review flood" reasons like that.

Ryno said...

I'm always interested to read your reviews and as a fellow blogger, I can really appreciate the work that goes into each one. I have ordered two gi's so far based on your reviews. One from Canada and one from the UK, and I live in California! Keep doing what you're doing!


Kai Taylor said...

good work buddy that is amazing

slideyfoot said...

Interesting. People like Tubarao, and I guess me (as so far I've only ever bought cheap, plain white gis, so gi fashion isn't something that particularly excites me) appear to be in the minority, judging by the amount of gi discussion there is on the web. So, it makes sense to cater to that, which you do very well.

Not to mention that even if I have no intention of ever buying the vast majority of gis you review, I still always read them. ;)


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