14 Jan 2011

My Favourite Photos by John Lamonica

John is a BJJ photographer based in Santa Monica, California. His photos covering elite grappling events all over the world first caught my eye on Facebook and Gracie Magazine. I love the way John's images are all about the facial expressions and the emotions. Here are some of John's own favourites from his archive, enjoy...

1. Andre Galvao vs Rafael "Gordinho" Correa
 "This is my favorite photo, and my luckiest.  I arrived late and asked if Galvao was competing, they pointed to the mat he was on and I realized he already had started. I ran over kneeled down and shot, this is the result. Nothing before and nothing after." 

2. Romulo Barral after he submits Xande Ribero.  
"Saulo Ribero, Xandes older brother and coach's reaction. "

3. Roberto Cyborg Abreau vs Jeff Monson. 
"I love this picture because you see in Monson's eyes that he is in trouble.  The night before I ran into Roberto and he told me he was nervous about facing Monson.  It was such a great match."
4. Marcelo Garcia vs Pabolo Popovitch.  
"Two of the best going down to the wire."

My thanks to John and look forward to seeing more of his work in the BJJ media.


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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


Anonymous said...

John, I think your work is beautiful. It is amazing how much emotion you are able to capture in their faces. I also like the way you are able to represent power and motion without having to blur the picture. Very nice work. I look forward to seeing more.

AndrewWrites said...

Wow!! What a great set of photos.

It also didn't hurt that most of them were of absolute legends in the BJJ game.

Loving this series!

jp said...

The first picture is awesome, really nice throw!

I like also the expression on Saulo's face on the second picture!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love when you feature photos. I never knew that sports photography could be so amazing.

You are truly a gift to the BJJ blogging community.

Caleb said...

Great shots John! Keep it up Seymour!

Georgette said...

John's sports photography is amazing. You really have to understand what you're shooting to predict where and when to be ready. Catching these moments proves he's not only a good technician, he has also quite a feel for the art in arte suave.

Junior Familia said...

Great photos brother! I love the story behind cyborgs photos, just goes to show even someone like Cyborg gets nervous.

Also a minor detail, Rominho didnt submit Xande..he beat him on points.


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