31 Jan 2011

Weekend Warriors

I'd be a deaf, dumb and blind Meerkat if I did not take note of some of the amazing grappling events that happened over the weekend. So I'd like to pay tribute to all my friends, training pals and in fact everyone who took part in the IBJJF European championships in Lisbon. I've been catching up on all the stories - of amazing wins and crushing losses. Guys and girls, you should all be proud. Win or lose, you come home with your heads held high.

The other major event from this weekend was Roger Gracie fighting his MMA fight at StrikeForce. Roger fought Trevor Prangley - a tough fighter with a good record. Roger won by RNC in the first round. you can see the closing stages of the action here. Again, it makes me proud to be associated (he's my instructor's instructor) with this great champion.

Here's a great photo from the weekend's action in Lisbon courtesy of the Jiu Jitsu Style magazine - which is due out at the end of February:

Now that's what I call wearing your heart on your sleeve...or on your head in this case :P


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