4 Feb 2011

Submission wrestling + MMA in the cage, at one event...woah!

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm very excited to announce that new MMA fight promotion, Lockdown Fighting Championships has decided to add an 8-man submission wrestling (jiu jitsu no gi) tournament to their MMA fight event.

The Lockdown Fighting Championships will be held in Stevenage, UK, at the Liquid & Envy Nightclub on Saturday 19th March, 2011. It promises to be absolutely flipping awesome! Why? Because the 8 man grappling challenge features a hand-picked roll call of some of the very finest homegrown grappling talents currently on the scene right now. Guys who I absolutely rave about all the time whenever I see them compete on the BJJ tournament circuit! It's the first time a sub-grapp event has been hosted on an MMA bill. It's genius marketing and promises to be an utter joyfest for fight fans.

Here's the poster:

I'm pretty excited also because in my feable bid to understand more about MMA, including a jiu jitsu tournament is going to make me want to actually attend. Conversely, it's a great way for the MMA fan to witness the beauty of the no-gi game at its best (or go for a beer, pah, more room for me to gesticulate and punch my fist in the air with grapplefan delight!).

In the run-up to this amazing event, I'll be grabbing a few words with the main people involved and the fighters themselves. So watch this space!


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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


graham said...

So who are the competitors in the grappling tourney? I love MMA but am a huge grappling fan too so this sounds awesome! Hope it's successful, but I fear there will be a large section of the crowd still screaming "ELBOWS!!!!" when the grappling matches are on. Gotta love UKMMA :)

Meerkatsu said...

Hehe, my next post about the event will detail the fighters.

graham said...

spoilsport :) I googled it and the tournament looks great. Look forward to your follow up pieces on this!

Banana said...

There is another event on the 20th February which has an 8 man Gi Tournament (but fighting in a cage) at an MMA show too, great news for BJJ guys :)

AndrewWrites said...

This is a great idea... at one of the last local MMA shows I went to they had a stick fighting demonstration. It was cool to see, but I have to be honest, we also took the piss out of them a bit ("Stick it to him!" - that sort of thing).

Might pass this idea on to one of our local organisers for an upcoming show.


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