28 Feb 2011

Submission 1000: Fighter No.5 Marcos Nardini

Continuing our introduction to fighters taking part in the Submission 1000 tournament, I bring you ace BJJ black belt Marcos Nardini:

Q: Hi Marcos, please give us some stats: age, weight, belt rank (if appropriate), MA styles etc?

A: Im 28 years of age, 74kg Black belt under Amal Easton (Renzo gracie ). My style is fast and crazy.

Q: What is your fight record (gi, nogi, MMA etc)?

A: After I got my black belt I have only done UK shows. Got gold at BJJ Bristol Premier 2010, Gold at Ground Control 2010 and also won my super fight at Ground Control in Nottingham. Two golds 2008 and 2009 at North of England Grappling.
Gold at luta livre and grappling in Liverpool 2010, 2 silvers at British BJJ Open,
Silver at ADCC qualifier, 1-0 Pro MMA.

Q: What is your finest grappling achievement?

A: Getting my black belt

Q: What can people who may never have seen submission wrestling or BJJ expect?

A: Don't know!

Q: The 8 man division contains some top level fighters, who are you most looking forward to fighting against?

A: They are there for a reason and I'm just happy to fight any one.

Q: Do you think you can adapt to the rule changes for the night?

A: Yep I think won't be a problem.

Q: What will you do with the prize money?

A: Give to my wife.

Q: Good luck and look forward to seeing you fight at the Submission 1000 tournament at the Lockdown FC.

A: Thanks it should be a good night.


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