15 Jul 2011

Apparel: Temper Wear

Temper Wear is a brand new lifestyle and fight wear brand from the UK. I spoke to one of the founders, Delroy McDowell - a purple belt under Ze Marcelo - about the brand and his goals for the future.

Q. Hey Del, tell me about Temper Wear?

A. Temper Design Group is the result of a creative dream that began many years ago maybe as early even as 1988-ish and was honed throughout the 90's & 00's. It all came together when we finally realised that maybe we really could create gear we would like to wear ourselves, and hopefully others would like to wear too. We love to create items that reflect our lifestyles and firstly we love BJJ but that's not all we love as we also have other passions and these alternative pursuits will hopefully be reflected as our range expands in the future.

Q. Who is part of the team? And what are your backgrounds?

A: Temper Design Group is a small group of talented individuals with backgrounds in very diverse creative fields such as fine, contemporary and even comic art, music production, product design, architecture, even automotive design and of course printing, all focused by the efforts of two good friends but we are all graphic designers who've worked for a lot of big brands and gotten tired of it.

Q. What are your aims with the brand?

A. We want to always offer truly unique, innovative and the utmost funkiest products that will perfectly enhance the lifestyles of our fans. We have a lot of ideas for all sorts of products and hopefully these will really please a lot of people very soon.

Q. What makes you different from other brands?

A. We really are about the alternative lifestyle, something that's greater than just BJJ or MMA or whatever, we want to dig deep into the culture and make you say "Hell yeah" whilst you are doing your thing whatever that may be. We believe its our grasp on cultural cues and our creativity that makes us uniquely placed to succeed in capturing the imagination...toes and fingers crossed!

Q. What do you have lined up for the future?

A. A vast mountain of ideas and concepts ready to roll out across a whole range of the usual garments as well as other more innovative products but; we cant really talk too much although please like our Facebook page for sneak previews on all upcoming releases.

Q. Who are your sponsoring and why did you select them?

A. We sponsor a few athletes but specifically for BJJ we are proud to have a small but very focused team of two very promising behemoth warlords of the tatami in World Warrior and internet forum sensation David 'Morcegao' George who is a purple belt under Victor Estima and trains full time in the UK having dedicated his life to pursuing BJJ excellence and happiness. We also have British BJJ phenom Luke Costello who is now a Brown belt after smashing up the planet this past year. We are really excited for the future and cant wait to be in a position to support these guys as much as we dream of!

Meerkatsu's mini-review
I love the incredibly bold and creative use of typography on this design and the many others you see on Temper Wear products (see their website). The hands on the back of this t-shirt are a bit freaky, and so they should be, they were modelled on my own instructor's hands - a warrior who has seen many a battle on the mats. There are loads of tiny graphic details throughout the design but the most outstanding aspect to the Temper Wear t-shirt is the quality of the garment. It is incredibly soft and comfortable, they have clearly opted to print onto one of the more expensive base garments available and it really makes a difference.

Available from: http://www.temperwear.co.uk/

'Like' their Facebook page.

Delroy is a long time BJJ friend of mine. I have no personal involvement with Temper Wear. The views expressed in this article are mine alone.


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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


Ken said...

the t-shirt looks pretty cool

Anonymous said...

Not much on their website but what there is on there is very nice.
I also like your shorts, where are they from?

Meerkatsu said...

Shorts are really old Quicksilver board shorts. My most favourite item of clothing EVER!


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