25 Jul 2011

Gi Review: Datsusara Hemp Gi (HGC-02)

Datsusara are a relatively new fightgear company specialising in products made from hemp fibre. Hemp is reputedly meant to be stronger (than cotton), with anti-microbial properties and longer lasting.

The gi I received was too big for me despite shrink washing, plus it came at a time I was extremely busy, so rather than let it sit un-reviewed, I asked my good friend, and also highly rated BJJ blogger, Slidey to review this gi on my behalf. Go to his website to check it out:


The gi I received was a first generation full production model. It had a lot of flaws in my opinion - and my conclusions were the same as those found by Slidey.

I'm hopeful that Datsusara, who by the way make a very kick ass series of gear bags, will make significant improvements in their next generation model as I love their ethos and they seem to have all the right intentions.


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slideyfoot said...

Pretty pleased with it in general: the only major problem I had was the stitching, which should hopefully be resolved with the next batch.

I keep saying it, but thanks again for the gi! :D

Christopher Odell said...

thanks for the review :) Sorry about the bad stitching, some units were worse than others and we have been replacing the ones that had trouble.

V3 is coming soon and we will have all of these things fixed up.

Anonymous said...

I purchased the unbleached one back in march or so. Then dyed it purple/navy blue. the off white held color well :)
The martial is light and airy (dries out really fast), the hemp is really soft and dare I say, a pleasure to be choked in?

Unfortunately, Id say its a little TOO soft. its pajama pants soft. So its very easy to grab and hold. The collar is just about perfect though.

The sizing is very baggy. Im 6" 225 I always buy A4s and shrink them. The Datsusara is a little short in the sleeve length, but judo gi baggy. I mean, youd have to be a monster to fill the arms out.

Over all I like the gi, unfortunately, the stitching is (as mentioned) terrible. Ill be surprised if the gi lasts a full year because the stitching at all the stress points is mostly unravelled (to be fair I made no effort to re-sew them or anything, which Im sure you could).

Overall I think this could be a great gi. But for $140ish, I cant recommend it until the quality control issues are worked out and the sizing is trimmed more to fit like a BJJ gi.

I will say the customer service is great. They were really quick and nice getting back to me. IF youve got the dough and want to support what seems like a really cool growing company, get it. But if 140 is a bit of scratch, wait till the kinks are worked out and pass for now.

Anonymous said...

Can you purchase these in the UK yet?, or just via import?, if so what was the total cost with shipping & charges/tax.


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