26 Sept 2011

Tournament Report: ADCC 2011, Nottingham

Braulio Estima - Superfight Champion

I've just back from quite possibly the most awesome jiu-jitsu related couple of days of my life. Those very lovely people at Jiu Jitsu Style Magazine fixed me up with a rare press pass and I spent the whole weekend right by the mats taking snaps of as much jiu jitsu action as I could. ADCC this year was a galactic who's who of grappling superstars and the matches did not disappoint. This post is not a full on report - there was just sooooooo much insane action that it would take me a week just to write it, plus I have over 2,000 snaps I have to edit and go through.

Click here to read a blow by blow analysis of the major fights plus news on all the results.

The Brits who competed can all be proud of themselves. It was great to see so many homegrown fighters on the mat and of course so many UK based Brazilian instructors too. Whenever they fought the crowd support was at times thunderous.

Here are just a couple of fave photos from the weekend - it's gonna take me a week or more to go through them properly. One I do, I'll let you know the photo page where I will store them for viewing.

Kron attempts guillotine on Marcelo Garcia

Leo Vieira v Claudio Calasans

Tetsu Hadairo or is it an alien?

Baret Yoshida inflicts pain on Nicolas Renier

Tom Barlow and Jeff Glover doing, er chickens?

Penny Thomas takes Talita Noegeira's back

Kyra Gracie submits Sara Svennson

Cyborg v ?

Lagarto v Xande

Robson Moura celebrates win against Ryan Hall

I want to add how awesome it was of the ADCC to host their immense tournament here in the UK, I hope the organisers could see how much we all enjoyed and appreciated the event being hosted here.
Well done also to Masaru - who pretty much organised the logistics of the show and dealt with tickets and venues as well as being main sponsors. Massive thanks to Jiu Jitsu Style Magazine for getting me a press pass. To top off the amazing weekend of grappling action, I have to  say it was wonderful to spend time with my BJJ friends and meet new friends too.



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Georgette said...

I can't wait to see the rest of your pictures. Thank you for posting so quickly :) :)

Ashley said...

bahahhahah!! Love the chicken shot. :)

Tree Frog said...

The "Cyborg vs. ?" is most likely Glover Teixeira.

Glad you linked to the SBNation coverage, which I helped put on.

slideyfoot said...

Awesome: looking forward to those pics too!

Did you end up going somewhere with the Mill Hill crew? As expected, I managed a fairly tame evening, chatting with GB Bristol in Nandos (Sahid and RGA Bucks sat behind us, which was cool, so got to chat to him a bit too).

Shame you didn't make it to the Fightworks breakfast. Lots of fun chatting with Caleb and Shawn. :D

The Martinator said...

It truly was an amazing weekend dude. I was soooo envious sitting up in the stands seeing you down there hob nobbing with the legends. Lucky man!

Meerkatsu said...

Aw man, it is so hard dealing with Monday morning commute and work after such an amazing weekend. Bah!

Yes Slidey I was indeed tempted first a meal with Matt and Oli, then drinks and shenanigans with Mill Hill gang. Brilliant couple of nights out.

Ze Grapplez said...

read some reviews and the like that mention Toquinho and his leg/foot attacks. did you feel they were outside the bounds of the rules or no? graciemag made it sound like part of a heated competition. other reports made it sound like Toquinho continuing his ignoring of referee's stopping action and looking to hurt opponents needlessly. thoughts?

AndrewWrites said...

Amazing photos man! Can't wait to see them all!


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