3 Oct 2011

Review: GenX Grappling T-shirt & NoGi Shorts

Loose fitting 'rash' guard and ultra light nogi shorts combine to produce a light and comfortable package for nogi or MMA training. The grappling t-shirt was perhaps a little too warm to be worn as an undergi layer but overall, a stylish and functional option for the submission wrestler and mixed martial artist.

GenX Grappling T-shirt
I don't often train nogi and never train MMA so it's worth noting that my opinions are of someone who trains 99% of the time in the gi.

The GenX grappling t-shirt is designed for those who are not really comfortable with the tight fitting standard issue rash guard. Made from synthetic material (polyspandex) the fabric is loosely woven to appear quite porous when viewed up close (see photo below). My guess is that this aids ventilation, sweat wicking and overall comfort during a very heavy workout.

During nogi class, the grappling top felt pretty good. I still prefer wearing tight rash guards but there wasn't a noticeable difference between wearing the two types of top. Some people have commented that the looseness of the cut might mean it gets more easily caught in your opponents fingers but I did not notice this when sparring.

When I wore the t-shirt  as layer under my gi I did feel it was thicker than I would like and a lot warmer. I actually stopped mid-roll and decided to take it off and just wear the gi without a base layer.

The styling of the top is bold and bright without necessarily screaming 'I DO UFC STUFF' which makes me less self concious when wearing the top as a leisure item out and about.

GenX NoGi shorts
I have reviewed and tested out a fair number of fightshorts. Broadly, I find they fall into two categories: very thin and light and heavy duty and loaded with reinforcements. A good example of the latter are the shorts made by Nogi Industries HD shorts - see review here.

The GenX shorts most definitely fall into the ultra light category of shorts. During training they felt very comfortable and unobtrusive.

For such a thin and light pair of shorts I was impressed that Tatami still managed to load the item with more than adequate reinforcements throughout and even incorporate a handy inside pocket (eg for gumshields).

The styling of the shorts, just as with the GenX t-shirt, is bold, bright and attractive enough. I happily wore these out during the rather unseasonal Indian summer currently experienced in the UK this weekend.

The GenX range of apparel from Tatami Fightwear is a step up from their previous designs. I like the bold styling and high quality of production. The grappling t-shirt is perfectly good for nogi training but I would avoid using it as an undergi- layer. The fight shorts are brilliantly light and comfortable. Both items are styled to appeal to those who like to wear grappling-related clothing as normal everyday wear.

The contents of this report are my own opinions. I have in the past worked with a number of fightwear brands, including Tatami Fightwear, on various projects which are unconnected with this product.

The GenX t-shirt and shorts can be purchased from the Tatami Fightwear website and through various resellers.


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