12 Oct 2011

There's No Such Thing As...

bad publicity, just publicity!

I'm not sure who came up with that quote first, but I think it perfectly sums up the response to my Honey Badger Rashguard so far. Check out the awesome comments it has been receiving from the forums...

(btw, this really is exactly the kind of love it or hate it 'Marmite' response I thought might happen and genuinely enjoy the attention the design is getting!):
  • "Did this design team just sit down and decide to make the ugliest expensive rash guard they could think of? If so, kudos! Mission accomplished."
  • "Cool idea but poor execution IMO. Would prefer more honey badger and less...other crap."
  • "this rashguard sucks. there are a lot of cool T-shirt designs with HBs on them."
  • "It's hideous, and the Chinese characters on the sleeve are totally random and unrelated"
  • "Not your best work IMHO mate. I think you've gone overboard with the symmetry on the front."
...and so on. Obviously there have been equally copious amounts of praise but the bad comments are the funniest.

To quote another famous line: ""The only thing worse than being talked about is not..." (Oscar Wilde Google tells me). Haha, so true. And to help matters along, here is some proper publicity I have been involved in helping to get the Honey Badger Fightwear message across:

Raspberry Ape versus The Honey Badger
Last weekend we filmed a short film in the style of a UFC fight trailer. It might seem put together quickly but actually filming too an entire day. My thanks to the Lock and Roll Show team who went to great lengths to make this video.

Team Honey Badger
I hand picked a bunch of BJJ friends who have agreed to help me rep the brand, I'll be posting their fighter profiles on here and Facebook in the next few days.

BJJ Weekly
The very excellent e-mail newsletter BJJWeekly (do subscribe if you haven't already) ran a competition to win a Honey Badger rash guard. Their task was to ask all their followers on Facebook to invent a rap in honour of the Honey Badger.

The winner was Paul Ramey from North Carolina and this is his rap:

Eeeeeew, he's NASTY! Skillful and CRAFTY! Honey badger don't care cuz his jitz is so DAFFY! Crazy ankle biter, this beast is a fighter, absolute division just got a little bit tighter. He takes a savage course, he's the king of the scavengers. You better watch yo neck because he's comin' to ravage yours!

BJJ Weekly are also running my button advert in their newsletter for a few weeks.

We'll do two more giveaway contests over the next fortnight. Next up will be one hosted by UK magazine Jiu Jitsu Style so keep an eye on their website and Facebook group for news of this competition.

Finally, a big thank you to everyone who has so far fallen in love with the honey badger design and paid their hard earned money for the pre-order. I'm really honoured you like it enough to buy it. Actually you loved it too much on Monday morning because the volume of traffic when the pre-order window opened actually crashed the Tatami Fightwear website. Thankfully it was soon up and running.


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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


Anonymous said...

Wicked vid mate...whats the opening music name? Very cool.

slideyfoot said...

I'm not sure I'd agree on the old "no bad publicity" thing, given Manto's recent misstep, but I guess it's up for debate. :)

Looking forward to seeing that video: my internet has an annoying download cap, so I have to be careful about streaming stuff.

Also, good luck with the rash guard! Cool to see your BJJ design work really taking off over the last year or two. :D

Anonymous said...

I thought the second image was a bicycle saddle. Genuinely. You know it's true. Cheers, Peter McC

Ze Grapplez said...

or the shirt just looked atrocious and fell victim to the MMA/million things going on in the design disease like the tacky gi's with tribal prints and skulls, and swords etc.

If you'd found a basic print of a honey badger with basic line art, more people would have bought the gi. period. take your cue from the honey badger t-shirts available online.

Meerkatsu said...

Hahaha, Ze Grappler, you old troll.


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