19 Dec 2011

The Best Gi Brand of 2011

Top BJJ blogger Aesopian has spent countless hours collecting data using his detailed survey asking BJJers their opinion on gis and brands. The first wave of results are out.

Wow! Fushida straight in at number one, who'd have thunk it? (Read my Fushida Komodo review.) When I reviewed the Fushida, I loved the customer service, I loved the outstanding quality of the gi but after a while of wearing it, I found it was a tad too long for me in all areas. The trousers were definitely too long, but Christo the owner sent me a smaller pair, which were better but in the end, I gave my Fushida away as it just wasn't perfect for me. Since my review, they've come out with a couple of new models and it seems that and their brilliant service have helped them top the list. Well done Fushida. Nice to also see Tatami Fightwear in the Top 10. A year ago, I think most Americans (the biggest gi market by far) would not have heard of TFW, but with non-stop pushing, the brand have leapt into the Top 10 so well done to them, nice to see a British brand hit the big time. My only other comment is that is is also reassuring in a way to see Japanese brands - who I guess should know a thing or two about gi making - dominating the charts with Mizuno, Isami and Bull Terrier representing!

Aesopian is at pains to point out, the difference between the top 10, or even the top 20 brands is teeny weeny weeny. There's very little to separate them. What is MORE interesting, is to see why brands like Shoyoroll (last survey's outright winner) have dramatically lost their top billing and why is the Gracie Barra standard uniform so low scoring?

These and many other questions will be explored by Aesopian in coming blog posts, so make sure you catch them on his website.


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Derek said...

I think the new Fushida Comp GS is a fantastic gi, slim fit, room in the shoulders and a thick collar. Light as well.

Unknown said...

I didn't realize Mizuno made BJJ kimonos...every site I see Mizuno kimonos are for Judo, with a longer skirt.


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