10 Dec 2011

British BJJ Promotion News

Huge well done to my friend, instructor and all round cool guy, Oli Geddes who received his black belt promotion today from Mestre Maurição Motta Gomes and Roger Gracie.

I've known Oli pretty much most of my BJJ career over the years and we meet and speak often. He's a regular instructor at my academy plus he's always been there to guide and support me at the many tournaments over the years. To see someone as accomplished and dedicated as Oli achieve such an honoured rank makes me personally feel very proud. Well done Oli, but that's not all the good news ...

Head Instructor of Roger Gracie Academy Buckinghamshire, Kevin Capel, who I have also known for several years, was awarded his black belt too. Kev pops down to Mill Hill often and I've visited his former academy base. I've always enjoyed learning from and rolling with Kevin as he is not a big guy (can fight under 64Kg) but possesses immense strength and great technique. Again, I'm very pleased to see his well deserved promotion.

Kev (4th from left)
Head Instructor of the Yeo Dojo, Simon Yeo was awarded his BJJ black belt today. I met Simon a while ago when I was researching an article. He is more well known in traditional martial art circles as a master of Bujinkan Ninjutsu, but he's been training BJJ for years and years. He's probably been doing BJJ longer than most people in the UK so it's a long deserved promotion.

Another prominent UK BJJer, Tom Barlow, from Gracie Barra Plymouth received his black belt today from Braulio Estima. Eagle eyed readers may recall Tom as the recipient of some unsavoury showboating at this year's ADCC from Jeff Glover. But Tom handled it coolly and put on a great display. It's a great achievement, well done Tom.

Finally, I want to say a massive congratulations to Peter Griffiths who, at 73 years young, received his purple belt this weekend from Nic Gregoriades and Kev Capel. I first met Pete several years ago at the Essex BJJ Open. We had a good fight and Pete showed what tremendous fitness and technique he had. We've kept in touch ever since and I think he is an inspiration for everyone. Enjoy this video:

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic! He inspires me. There's hope for me yet :-)

Nice to see Simon Yeo attain BB and I remember Oli Geddes when you introduced him at Imperial. I see to recall him as either Blue or Purple. Very impressive.

Best Regards
Peter McC


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