2 Mar 2014

Contest: Guess these primates

I love drawing primates. They are very popular animals within jiu jitsu and MMA circles - and for good reason; monkeys, chimps, gorillas and all manner of primate animals are the animals that are closest to humans in evolutionary and genetic terms. They are also highly intelligent, social and dexterous - aspects that work highly in your favour if you grapple.

So as you can see, I've depicted many of them in the past few years. All of the primates in the box above have been printed into either a rashguard or a t-shirt. Some of them have been printed as Meerkatsu (ie my own brand) items, some of them have been works for other companies.

Here are the contest details...


1. You have to give me the name of the characters FOR ALL the primates I have drawn in the box above from A-P.

2. You have to also name the client I did the work for.

3. You have to email me the entire list as a single email to seymour@meerkatsu.com by 10pm 3rd March 2014 (UK time).

Here's an example:
See this image here (it's not part of the contest):

...but if it were, I would write as my answer: "Honey badger, rashguard made by Tatami Fightwear"

Got it?

Now I realise this is a toughie. So to make it fair, in the event of several people successfully naming all 16 characters AND products/brands, I will select at random one winner. But, if no one gets all 16, then I will select as a winner, the person who has named the most correctly.

Oh one more thing, a couple of the characters from the 16 above have been used on several occasions, so I will accept any one of the editions it has featured in.

The prize is any single product from my store http://www.meerkatsu.com/ (except gift vouchers and kimonos, which is moot since my gi isn't out yet, but still I need to be clear here). So you want a rashguard? Some spats? T-shirt? Name it and it's yours, delivered to your door (we'll pay shipping but in case there are import and customs charges, you'll have to cover those).

The item has to be in stock at the time of deadline, no use asking for something we don't have. Best have a second choice item just in case the one you want isn't in stock.

Is Monday night - 3rd March 2014 at 10pm UK time.

The prize is anything from my store bar gift certificates and kimonos. It has to be in stock on the day of the winner being announced. Have an alternative prize in case your favoured item is not in stock at your size.

No cash prize alternatives.

Items will be shipped by me by tracked postal delivery, you are responsible for paying any duties or taxes if I have to ship international.

All prizes are brand new - no refunds or exchanges.

One entry per person - I will only accept your first email, no sending in half the answers and then a second email with the rest...only one email per person.

Winner will be announced Tuesday on my Facebook page and here on this blog. No entries will be accepted after deadline (3rd March 2014 10pm UK time).


Guess the Primate, Answers:
A. Killarney Ape made by Tatami Fightwear for Killarney Graapling Club (KGC)
B. Chimp and Cross Chokes hoodie for Meerkatsu Brand
C. Gorilla, used on both the Primate Revolution t-shirt and London Open T-shirt
D. Raspberry Ape v2.0 my collaboration tee along with Gawakoto
E. Be Gentle t-shirt for Arte Suave in Hawaii
F. Gentle Ape aka Ape Suave - rashguard for Meerkatsu Brand
G. Hanuman/Dishoom t-shirt made by Scramble for Danielle West
H. Sun Wukong versus Nezha t-shirt made by Meerkatsu Brand
I. Monkey and Unicorns - tshirt made by Meerkatsu Brand, also used on a Jiu Jitsu Style t-shirt
J. Mandrill To Win - tshirt for 93 Brand/BJJHQ, also used on the 93 Brand Mandrill Gi
K. Mandrill rashguard for 93 Brand, also used on the Mandrill gi by 93 Brand
L. Sun WuKong Monkey King t-shirt for Jiu Jitsu Style Magazine
M. Father & son gorillas used on Meerkatsu Ministry of Jiu Jitsu t-shirt
N. Dueling Apes used on Meerkatsu Brand t-shirt
O. Primate Revolution rashguard gorilla
P. Maashu Macaque used for various Strike Fightwear products.

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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.



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