20 Mar 2014

Meerkatsu Brand: Heavenly Kimono

It's here! Finally, my very own BJJ uniform under my own brand. I call it the Heavenly Kimono.

You can buy it on my website www.meerkatsu.com price £100 plus shipping from Friday 21st March 2014. It goes live from 8am UK time.
The first x100 orders from my meerkatsu store will receive a signed art card (see below)

Here is everything you need to know about this gi...

The following is my official blurb to describe the gi in more detail:

Meerkatsu’s vision of Japanese beauty versus demonic brawn is celebrated here in this, his first BJJ kimono under the Meerkatsu brand. Heavenly Kimono features a 475gsm pearlweave cotton jacket and 10 oz ripstop cotton trousers.
The interior is lined along the yoke with a dye sublimated printed panel featuring artwork by Meerkatsu. The exterior is lightly decorated with embroidered motifs and woven patches placed in compliance with IBJJF gi rules.
The sleeves are gently tapered and lined with smoothly folded woven seam tape. The same tape is used along the inner hem at the base of the jacket and again along the inside of the ankle openings. The entire gi is designed as a slim fitting kimono for general and tournament use.
The Heavenly Kimono comes pre-shrunk. As with all gis however, do expect a small percentage of shrinkage under cold wash conditions. We recommend you do not use the tumble dryer, but instead, air dry the gi.
The size chart in the picture gallery will give a good indication of the size (pre-wash) that should suit the user’s own body dimensions – we suggest you use an old gi that you have measured as a comparison.
Seymour Yang, the man behind Meerkatsu, explains the concept behind his first own-label gi:
“Having been commissioned to design gis for so many other fightwear brands, I wanted my first design to reflect what I considered to be the true virtues of jiu jitsu. I reprised my three previous geisha versus demon artworks for the inner panel and complimented the theme with floral mon-style motifs on the outside. It is neither plain, nor overly-decorated. Jiu Jitsu is about balance, composure, understanding, skill and technique. I still cling to the original tenet as stated by the founders of our system, that the smaller, weaker yet skilled person can defeat the larger, stronger less skilled opponent. I hope my Heavenly Kimono is a reflection of these goals.”

Full size chart diagram

In detail photographs

You can buy the gi over at more store on www.meerkatsu.com. A select number of other retailers will also be stocking this gi eg Rollmore and MMAWarehouse in the USA.

The first x100 orders only from my store will receive this art card signed by me:

About the Author


Author & Artist

Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


Chumby said...

Right on my birthday! I'm gonna do everything in my power to be in that first 100. I've loved your artwork since the first time I saw it and this is just an awesome compliment to what you've already accomplished. OSS!

Abe Froman said...

When do they drop in the US stores?

Unknown said...

You have to drop those on Brasil!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Happy birthday to me, got mine :D

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting! It's 8am!

Jamie said...

Order placed!! Hopefully in the first 100!!

RJD said...

Ordered via rollmore.com. Is there a chance that US folks will get a signed card? Thanks!

Meerkatsu said...

No sorry RJD, artcard just for Meerkatsu customers. But thanks for purchasing the gi :)

Carlo Vanelli said...

Seriously, that uniform looks impressive. I think I'm gonna order one :)


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