30 Mar 2010

BJJ British Open 2010

Godzuks! The pits of losing really sucks. This weekend I competed at the BJJ British Open in Birmingham - my first event as a purple belt. I lost in the first round to Enrique, the chap who beat me at the same tournament last year. In fact he did better than last year, he subbed me with a humdinger of a lapel choke about 3 minutes in. I just didn't have my fighting hat - or my thinking cap on that day.

Anyways, I wrote a report about how the day went and it is published here on the Fightworks Podcast.

Some photos:

And the obligatory video of me getting owned:

Man, I wish I could hear my corner. They're loud on the video, but I swear I could not hear a single word from my team: Clint, Dale and Dominique. I think it would have helped get out of trouble and spot the glaringly obvious bits that I so stupidly missed. But I am thankful for their support. Still, on the bright side, I did like the look of my black gi.

The tournament was not all bad news. I'm bursting with pride at my training partner, Hana, who beat the bigger ladies in her open weight division to take gold, in only her third ever tournament. An amazing achievement and at 16, so much promise for the future. This is where the 'team' aspect of BJJ becomes apparent. When you train regularly with the same group of people, you do your best to help them improve and visa versa. A victory for them is a victory for all those who helped that person, so in that respect, I am very happy to have offered my small contribution.

I also picked up a (now) hard to find copy of Braulio's DVD Instructional (note: this is different from his online Cagefilm instructionals). A lot of people rate this DVD very highly so I'm ultra keen to study it. What's also cool is that Braulio has signed the cover!

So for next time, I know I need to really get my mind and body into tournament shape to stand a better chance against the likes of my tough conquerer Enrique and our fellow master/senior pluma fighters.

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Dev said...


Fantastic review. Sorry about the loss, but the whole thing sounds like a great time. Did you put your fight up online? I'd love to see it.

Meerkatsu said...

Thanks Dev, the video is on this post, just scroll to the bit where I say "the obligatory video of me getting owned"
But I wouldn't hold your breath!

Jason (JiuJitsuMap.com) said...

Seymour, can you tell me more about the video you just bought? What is on it that is so good about it? Also a bronze is nothing to be ashamed of. Congrats! I can't say I've won any yet.

Georgette said...

Great review my friend! And don't feel bad about the loss... 50% of the competitors there lost their first match.

matt said...

yeah dude, all the cool kids lose fights ;)

wish i could have been there... next year!

A.D. McClish said...

Nice review! Sorry to hear that it didn't go well, but hey, 3rd time's a charm. Next time you'll own that guy!

Meerkatsu said...

Cool support from Team Blogger! Cheers.
@Jason, I'll give the DVD a review once I watch it fully. But so far, it looks pretty good, with clear instruction, simple moves that make you slap your forehead with a 'oh so that's how you do that' response and couple of flash moves only Braulio could show.


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