20 Mar 2010

Faixa Vermelha

This video features multiple world champion and arguably one of the most gifted BJJ exponents of his generation - Leo Vieira, rolling with 76 year-old Renato Paquet who is a red belt. There are not many red belts in the world - to get one I think you need to have devoted your life to BJJ for over 50 years and be ranked a 9th degree black belt. Anyway, watch this and I defy you not to feel a little emotional towards the end.

Thanks to my Portuguese buddy Katia for translating the little speech at the end; Renato says that he will not be "here" on earth when Leo receives his redbelt but the day he does put that belt around his waist he will feel Renato's presence with him!!

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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


A.D. McClish said...

Wow. Amazing dedication.

The Part Time Grappler said...


André Costa Silva said...

Well, just talking in terms of years that would be: 1st degree after being black belt for three years, three more years for 2nd, three more for 3rd, five more for 4th, five more for 5th, five more for 6th, seven more years for 7th (black & red), seven more for 8th, then ten more years until 9th degree (red belt).

3+3+3+5+5+5+7+7+10 = 48 years as black belt.

Unless I'm gonna turn into a B.J. Penn-like prodigy and get a black belt with three years of BJJing, I ain't getting anywhere near that colour :D

André Costa Silva said...


amazing video. O mestre could see eveything Leo would do a mile away. And how he was moving with the smoothness of a slithering snake. Truly an example of arte suave. Respeito e admiração.

If you haven't yet, get translation of everything else he said. Pretty much a lesson by itself. If you want me to I can write it myself.

Meerkatsu said...

I would be honoured for a running commentary, if it is not too much trouble Andre, thanks :)

André Costa Silva said...

Mestre Renato: After... after... last training I had with Leozinho was here in São Paulo at the Ibirapuera. It has been 3 years. I'm 3 years older; dinosaur!
Leo: And I'm 3 years stronger.
Mestre Renato: Stronger, better technically, he better and me worse, but whatever.

Mestre Renato: He wants to underhook my back (used diminutive here)!... He wants to underhook my back!...
Leo: This right here, the hand here.
Mestre Renato: That's right.
Leo: I learned it from you. Hug the face, hand on arm.

Mestre Renato: Now you, now you're pulling with the legs, that's right...

Mestre Renato: (gibberish)

Mestre Renato: He's meaning to jump 'to there'... I already felt it.
Leo: I'm not gonna give room for the other collar right?
Mestre Renato: You (...) this hand right here, I'm gonna be here all loose.
Leo: What you gonna be is tied in, man.

Mestre Renato: Today I'm expired (maybe tired? can't really get the meaning here), today you expired me. His arm seems to be made of iron.

Leo: What's that in the belt?
Mestre Renato: Hahahahah
Leo: Who does that? Who does that thing when you pull the belt in Rio de Janeiro?
Mestre Renato: No one.
Leo: Yeah, because in São Paulo only I do it, I've never seen anyone else do it.
Mestre Renato: It was very busy here (chest area) and it was very hard to go directly here (in the back), so you go here (belt)
Leo: So the guy doesn't hip-escape
Mestre Renato: So the guy doesn't hip-escape
Leo: I do that but haven't seen anyone else-
Mestre Renato: So I was able to grab here. Here it's better to...
Leo: Yeah... I just wanted to know who was doing that in Rio because I hadn't shown it to anyone...
(can't understand the last to lines)

Mestre Renato: Don't start with that (...?)

Mestre Renato: Let it loose here.
Leo: The back...
Mestre Renato: That's right.

Mestre Renato: Nah, don't go for the elbow, no. My elbow...

Mestre Renato: Warn me when it's been half an hour!
Cam guy: Hehe, it's just been 7 (mins). For half an hour it's still a while.

Leo: Not enough energy to get out of here.

Mestre Renato: (can't understand the expression but he's calling Leo something)
Leo: It ain't over yet!
Mestre Renato: For me it is! (gasps)

Leo: (It was) a pleasure.
Mestre Renato: For 75 years - dinosaur, old - that's not to bad.
Leo: Then he gets on the side and had the strength of a 20-year old! (points to his lip) A real bully.
Mestre Renato: I mean to be here and you shrugged!...
Cam guy: The mouth came to the arm right?

Mestre Renato: (It was) a pleasure.
Leo: The pleasure was mine. To end 2009, you know, training with the (gentle)man, "o mestre"-
Mestre Renato: You'll get there, I'm not gonna see it-
Leo: Just half of that is more than my age.
Mestre Renato: The day you put on a belt like this one - I'm gonna repeat something they've already heard, that I said to my grandson (grabs Leo's sleeve), the day you put on this belt - and you will - you are going to feel my presence.
Leo: Surely I will.
Mestre Renato: I'm going to be there in spirit close to you. No one deserves this (grabs his belt) more than you. You earn this with time, you earn it fighting. You have more merit than me.
Leo: No, you earn it the same way in your time.
Mestre Renato: No no, in my time there were no such championships.
Mestre Renato: The day you put this around your waist you are going to feel my presence, think about my name because I'm going to be there close to you.
Leo: Certainly. The same way you were there when I got my black belt. Thank you.

(couldn't understand a couple of expressions because I'm Portuguese, not Brazilian and their accent can sometimes be pretty rough.)

Meerkatsu said...

Wow! Thanks Andre. I posted your translation (and credited you) on EFN and Cagewarriors.

André Costa Silva said...

Hah, no problem. Hope there isn't much flaming from my Brazilian brothers :D

Jack B said...

Excellent, that cheered me up no end. Muinto abregardoo for the translation ;)

Gaz said...

Such deference from Leo. great to see, real respect.


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