11 Jun 2011

Submission 1000 II: Chico Mendes

Submission 1000 is the mini-no-gi grappling event that takes part within the MMA tournament known as the Lockdown Fighting Championships. The forthcoming event, held at the Liquid and Envy Nightclub in Stevenage on the 2nd July promises to be even more thrilling than the first!

Hi Chico, please tell us how long you have been training BJJ? And more about your team and jiu jitsu background?
I Started in 1994.

Q: When did you receive your black belt and where are you teaching now?
Leo Viera gave me my black belt in 2004. Now I teaching in Cheltenham, Bristol, Worcester and Telford (Checkmat BJJ / TROJAN FREE FIGHTERS).

Q: What is your fight record (MMA, gi, nogi) and what are your most memorable fights/wins?
I  hope debuting this year in MMA, I waiting my MMA coach Paul Sutherland tell me when I can debuting. All my fights are memorable for me whatever if I won or lost. Only a fighter knows the feeling!
Q: What is your prefered nogi fight weight?
Normally 78-79 kilos but i wanna cut to 75 kilos.

Q: How would you describe your fight style?
I dont know! You can help me after the event!

Q: The Submission 1000 event features eight elite grapplers, who among the 8 are you looking forward most to fight?
I respect all fighters, for me all names have really chances. 

Q: What will you do with the £2,000 prize money?
I will pay my bills!! Hahaha....

Q: How do you feel about (possibly) fighting a close team mate?
I don't have problem with that. I don't like fight with my team mates but when have prize money is different. We can split the prize but we will fight!

Q: Thanks Chico, I look forward to seeing you fight in July!
Cheers mate, see you there :)

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