9 Jun 2011


So, there's been this big hooha about whether Royler Gracie will take the ADCC superfight against Eddie Bravo this September. Will he? Won't he? Well, if he doesn't, there is one guy who DOES want to fight Eddie...Leo Vieira.

I've been lucky to get the scoop from Leo on his thoughts about the whole Royler-Eddie-ADCC-gate saga and why he wants to fight Eddie Bravo again. Enjoy:

Q: Hi Leo thanks for taking time out to talk to me. First of all - another Mundials has flown by and another great result for Checkmat - you must be proud of how your team is doing?

Leo Vieira: I am very proud from Checkmat not only for the titles but for a good atmosphere we have inside the team. Last year we got 3rd place at Mundials and this year we were 2nd and I hope we can get number one soon! I have to share the title with all my affiliation and instructors, they are doing very good job in their schools.

Q: Okay let's get straight to the hot topic right now. ADCC in the UK this coming September - what are your thoughts on the way the Eddie Bravo v Royler Gracie matchup has been handled?

LV: I think they have everything to have a nice fight but everything was out of control when they put it out in public. Even myself I would like to see that fight again.

Q: Do you think it is right for Royler to ask for extra money to be compensated for his time away from teaching?

LV: Everybody have priority in his life and when you need make something that you need change your life. Sometimes this have a high price. Also, you need find what motivated you to do something, some people fight for money, some fight for family, glory or prestige. Anyway I dont think Royler is wrong, everyone have his own price, we just need respect. Royler is a big name in the show and he has nothing to prove, he already did a lot.

Q: People often talk about the famous victory that Eddie won over Royler in the 2003 ADCC, but a lot of people forget that it was you who won the title that year. Why do you want another match because you have nothing to prove here?

LV: People forget titles, but nobody forgets unexpected victoryie. I was at same brackets waiting for the winner between Royler and Bravo and everyone was surprised with the fight result, even myself.

When I started my fight against Bravo, I felt so confident in his guard and I put my game on him and win the fight with a large score and the finals after him.

The reason I want fight again, is because Bravo gave so much excuse after our fight, and when I hear that he challenge Royler to fight I thought it was wrong because we challenge who beat us not who we won against.

I am the guy who has competed more ADCCs, and I think it's fair they give me a super fight! If you look at my history at ADCC you will find:

- I got best fight at ADCC 2000 against Marc Kerr at open class (fighting for 10 min and draw).
- I won the title in 2003 and 2005.
- I got 2nd place in 2007 plus prize for best take down.
- I always made it to the semi finals in all ADCCs.

ADCC is in my blood and I have a special love for this competition.

Now Bravo have the oportunity to show your rubble guard and your revenge and I have a opportunity to show that I can do it again and no excuse in the end!!!!

Q: What about the money on offer, if this happens, will you too make a request for additional payment from ADCC to 'cover your expenses'?

LV: No, it's a great privilege to be inside a Great competition, also the prize is already good, and I have 3 good reasons; 1st Prestige, super fight at a big championchip like ADCC, 2nd Eddie Bravo and his Rubble Guard, 3rd 25.000 USD is too much money to motivate me to fight against anyone, even my brother... hahaha

Q: Back to this year's Mundials, tell me how you think the game has changed since you last competed at the World championships?

LV: Today people use so much strategy to fight, sometimes it makes the fight a bit boring, but we still having very nice match anyway. I loved the way Brazilian Jiu Jitsu change every year this is amazing with this sport.

Q: Who was the stand-out competitor for you this year?

LV: Rodolfo Vieira, no question, he was amazing at this Worlds and he is only 21 year old also very nice guy. I like when good people are winning. I have one more guy at Brown Belt. Alexander Trans,(Danish) from Checkmat Copenhagen. He just destroyed all his division and open class at this worlds and also at European and Brasileiro.

Q: Tell me about Checkmat - what are your plans for the future and growth of this team and in particular, how the team is growing in UK and Europe?

LV: We have our founders Rico Vieira, Leandro Vieira, Rodrigo Cavaca, Chico Mendes and Sebastian Lalli, who have so much work and responsability inside the team. Then we have head instructors in many countries around the world taking care from all affiliated close by them. In Europe we have Chico Mendes taking care from all affiliations in England. Then we have Peter Blackwell who start all our affiliation in Scandinavian 10 years ago, he take care Sweden and Hans Ericsson help him in Stockholm, Shimon Mochizuky is the Instructor of Alexander Trans, he is taking care from all affiliation in Denmark. After that we have many affiliation in Norway, Malaysia, Singapora, South Africa, Greece, Turkey and others.

Our goal is to introduce our life style and show what BJJ can make in your life. That's why we are going to every diferent culture showing how can our BJJ Program can improve health and fun in your life helping you to fight against the real opponent - stress and diseases.

Q: Thank you Leo, I hope we can meet soon when you visit the UK...hopefully you can compete in the ADCC?

LV: Thank you so much for interview, sorry my English. I will be in UK, 2 weeks before ADCC, I am doing my Camp here in Brazil but I will finish the camp in Chico Mendes's academy in Cheltenham were I will run some seminars around England more info contact Chico Mendes at chicobjj@gmail.com and follow us on twitter @leovieirabjj, @Chicobjj or @Checkmatbjj.
God Bless you!


WOW! People. You heard it hear first. Leo wants to make RUBBLE or Eddies RUBBER Guard! Do we wanna see this or what?


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Flaminginho said...

Bloody hell, mate - what a scoop! Let's hope Eddie Bravo would still be willing to fight, even if it isn't against Royler...

Anyway, great interview - cheers!

TCG said...

This is an excellent interview - keep up the good work!

André said...

Awesome sauce.

And I agree with Leo on all accounts.

Copland said...

I come for the gi reviews... I stay for the news-breaking interviews!

Great Q&A mate. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Soooo... wait. Leo is upset that Eddie challenged Royler, who he already beat. So in response, Leo threw out a challenge to Eddie... who he already beat. Not quite sure what his reasoning here is, but if Eddie and Leo do fight again, I know it will be awesome. The rubber guard has evolved so much and I'm sure Leo's only gotten better. Make it happen, ADCC!


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