8 Dec 2006

Martial arts No31 in the charts

In a survey of over 360,000 people by Sport England on the nation’s sporting hobbies – it turns out half the population over 16 are couch potatoes. The others are quite sporty – walking being the No.1 physical activity. Martial arts makes it in at No. 31 with 0.3 percent of the population doing it 3 or more times a week, just above tenpin bowling and darts – let’s be ‘aving ya!
Interestingly, they list martial arts and then they put separate entries for karate, taekwondo and Chinese martial arts. Now, assuming the category for martial arts does not include the others as listed, then actually if they did combine all the martial arts together, then it would be higher up the list – maybe making it a Top20 sporting activity.
I’m pretty chuffed to know statistically that we (as a collective) are a majority sport, but I’m a little disturbed that the Top 20 also includes: fishing and snooker. So if we get rid of the crap zero physical exertion ‘sports and activities’ from the list, then martial arts looks like being Top 10 easily.
I wonder what the breakdown of most popular martial arts are? The list probably goes something like this:
1. kickboxing
2. karate
3. taekwondo
5. judo
etc etc with jujitsu and BJJ coming somewhere in 10th to 12th I reckon.

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