5 Dec 2006

Mini-Meerkat passes her black belt in crawling

I couldn’t resist it, to test the imbedded picture function on this blog, here is a photo of Aimee – or Aimee-sensei to you. She’s a black belt in ju-crawling and almost-walking-jitsu.
Well, it’s been an odd week, actually a bit ratty to be honest. At BJJ, black belt head of our club David Adiv was meant to come over from America, then it was cancelled, then it was on and now it is off. The reason – not enough people could commit to attending. Eddie was understandably a bit peeved and gave us all a bit of a dressing down about how embarrassing it is for the club to invite special guests and only a few turn up etc. Of course Meerkat is not amongst those to blame as I am always first to sign up. In my opinion, I wonder if the club actually has the numbers to make it work all the time. Sure, when a big name like Royler or Royce show up, we do get 20-30. But the hardcore of the BJJ club I see who turn up week in week out only ever number about 12, maybe 15 – and it is these guys, us, that are ever likely to respond to less well known (but equally excellent) instructors coming over from the States or Brazil.
Next year, Eddie hinted that Saulo Ribeiro was making noises about coming over. This would be totally awsome. Saulo is like one of BJJ royalty. I have the BJJ instructional box set that Saulo put out and it is singularly the best BJJ instructional on the planet – no comparison. I have a lot of DVDs and most are passable to unwatchable, maybe one or two tips filter through. But the Saulo Ribeiro set is awesome. Every single technique (and there are hundreds) is totally money and spot on for technique and applicability. If the man is coming to the UK, then we had better put on a big effort to show up cos his seminar I predict will rock your BJJ world.

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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


Anonymous said...

Great piccie of Aimee-sensei. Sad that the club couldn't get more students to support Eddie and the proposed visit by the Head. From my simple observation, I've seen some brilliant martial artists demonstrate breathtaking techniques at seminars. For enthusiasts, you would hope that others would enjoy watching and/or participating but real life doesn't always seem to work like that. Perhaps it's the Sony Play Station generation or may be it's because there is too much choice. I don't pretend to know the answer but it is always to be regretted when you are unable to witness a true artist with years of training and experience only too keen to share that but set against the reality of needing to re-coup costs, like air fares etc.

Anonymous said...

Well let's hope the Saulo Ribeiro is an open seminar as I would love to go!!


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