21 Dec 2006

Meerkat's End of Year Review

Well, another year has passed and we look forward to the start of, omigod, will it really be two thousand and seven???

Highs of the year:
· Winning silver medal in groundfighting
· Meeting and training with 3 Gracie brothers (Royce, Royler, Rolker)
· Getting the VIP treatment trailing Gordon Liu at SENI 06
· Getting my photo published on the front cover of Combat

Lows of the year:
· Getting something like ten colds or flu bugs in a row which stopped me training
· The constant struggle to fit in work, family and martial arts, with MA losing
· Imperial website (and influx of new students) disappearing from google

So overall, a good year with highs just outweighing the lows. My resolutions next year:
· Enter the BJJ Gracie Open at SENI 07 (just to see if I can survive 1 round)
· Increase my photographic work – starting with coverage of the 10K Challenge
· Actually try to learn some 3rd Dan techniques
· Get that elusive gold at the Jikishin nationals

So this is Meerkat signing out and wishing all my readers a very happy jujitsu Christmas and New Year.

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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.



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