2 Jun 2010

Britain's Got Talent - Brits at the Mundials 2010

A quickie post to say a massive Meerkatsu good luck to all the Brits competing at the IBJJF World Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championships, aka, The Mundials.

It's the biggest BJJ tournament of the year (well, maybe the Pans is bigger in pure numbers) but it is certainly the most prestigious. Definitely the one to put on your cv.

So who are these plucky Brits?

Off the top of my head, and sorry if I've missed anyone, fingers will be firmly crossed for:

Pippa Granger, Leoni Munslow, Daniel Agard, Daniel Strauss, Ross Nichols, Stephen Martin, Oli Geddes.

Factoid fact fans - did you know, only one Brit has ever won an adult gold at the Worlds (Caoimhe McGill).
Well at least that's what my stat people tell me, I could be wrong, please correct me if I am. So come on UK BJJers, let's show the world that we are ready, for, WAR!


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Matt said...

come on Engerland!

Liam H Wandi said...


Meerkatsu said...

UPDATE. 4th June 2010.
Leoni lost her first fight to the girl who eventually won silver. Leoni says she passed guard just as the buzzer rang and if she had managed to complete the move, she would have won. So very close indeed. Well done to Leoni, and good luck as she attempts the womens blue belt absolute tomorrow.

Meerkatsu said...

LATEST 4th June 2010 10:35am
From Oli G: "Pippa won one by advantages, lost her second by advantage/decision. Joe won three, two by subs, lost fourth by advantages. Christine lost, think it was her first but not sure. Ross won two, lost his third, choking someone out in his second. Indra lost her first on points."

Jorge said...

Roger won! He is a master, although this time could not submit...for a second. Anyway 13-2 is the score.
I don't know what happened in the absolute because Romulo got injured


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