19 Jun 2010

The "Me" in Meerkatsu

You! Yes you reading this right now. Did you know that you, dear BJJ blog reader are "a discerning and intelligent bunch"? That's what I say in an interview I gave to BJJ e-zine UK-BJJ.

Like wow, an interview, I've never been interviewed before and finally I got the chance to pretend at being someone worthy of being, um, interviewed.

If you feel so inclined, you can read what I really think about my instructors, other BJJ bloggers, the state of BJJ in the UK today and find out my plan to bring out a consumer magazine called "What Gi?".

Well, that's my allotted 15 minutes of fame. Guess I'll have to grapple naked if I want to make the news again...oh hang on, that's been done before.

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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


Georgette said...

What a great interview! I think the coolest thing is that your love of BJJ just shines and shines out of every word. This *is* a small world, but we're all together in the same boat because we all love jits. It's a beautiful thing!

Dev said...

You're badass, dude. I saw a phrase one time that said "without 'me' it's just 'aweso'". Sums you right up. :)

fenix said...

Fantastic interview!! My hat off to you and don't be so modest :-)

I always enjoy reading your blog.

Liam H Wandi said...

What a wonderful interview....and I get a mention! :)

I do love the pic of you "rolling" with Roger :)

Meerkatsu said...

Thanks guys, just spreading the BJJ Blogger love out there :)


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