15 Jun 2010

Further Reading

If you are like me you'll love reading other people's blogs. But not everyone does, they prefer something where the writing is a little more formal. Here are some of my favourite BJJ e-zine type websites that I highly recommend you check out:

1. The Fightworks Podcast
I'm sure no one will mind me saying that TFP is the number one site to check out if you are at all interested in BJJ and grappling. It began as a tiny radio show run by a couple of enthusiasts who trained at the Fightworks BJJ Academy in the States (hence the name) and has grown over the years into one of the leading voices in the sport. What I love about TFP is the very enthusiastic, friendly and approachable style of the two hosts Caleb and Dan. Despite all the stars they've interviewed and places they've visited and events they've covered, Caleb and Dan always are so humble - you really get the sense that their beloved audio show, which is released each week without fail, is made by fans of BJJ, for fans of BJJ.
If you must pick one show to listen to, Episode #190 with Renzo Gracie will go down as the all time classic rant (it helps to listen to episodes #189 and #191 to put Renzo's interview into context).
Finally, TFP website itself contains great content, with polls, tournament reviews, interviews and all sorts of extras to keep a BJJ enthusiast happy.

2. BJJ Weekly
A weekly newsletter, sent free of charge, with interviews, product reviews, technique videos and plenty of other juicy BJJ titbits...I'm surprised no one else thought of it before! What I love about BJJ Weekly is the simple but easily digested formula and layout of their newsletter (sent as a HTML attachment or viewed on their website). The quality of the production, research and writing is of the very highest standard. They're already onto week 5 and I really hope they have enough material and legs to continue for a long time more to come. Subscribe now!

3. Kombat Clinic
Kombat clinic presents itself as a serious, interview-heavy BJJ website. David Webb somehow finds time in between his day job, family and teaching comittments to produce a BJJ journal of the very highest standards. If Kombat Clinic was a newspaper, it would be like the Independent or the Guardian (although David tells me he prefers The Times!). The layout is nice and clean and the content is top level. If you browse around, you'll find very well thought out and intelligently written interviews with the likes of Fabio Gurgel, Vinicius Magalhaes (Draculino), Robson Moura, Emily Kwok and many more - these are the top guys and girls in our sport. Check out the site, or better still, sign up to the email updates and Facebook group to be notified of when new articles are posted.

Another fairly new website, UK-BJJ, run by Kevin Adshead, is crammed to the brim with exclusively shot technique and fitness videos - all filmed by established UK instructors. There's also a Features section and Best of the Web section where you'll find some really interesting articles, some of which are also exclusively written. The UK-BJJ website definitely fills the gap for a place to showcase British BJJ talent and announce British based BJJ news.

5. BJJ Heroes
Another well designed and popular website, the main attraction to BJJ Heroes is the Fighter Database, which lists the stats and biogs of many of the world's leading BJJ fighters. If you sign up to news updates on Facebook, you'll get feeds from most other BJJ news sources too, so you won't miss a trick when it comes to BJJ news around the world.

Other very good general BJJ sites to visit also include BJJ Heroes, Gracie Magazine and Tatame.


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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


Georgette said...

I'd add BJJ Legends to your list: http://bjjlegends.com/bjj/

Techniques, videos, photography, interviews and good coverage.

David Webb said...

Very cool post Seymour, thanks bro!

André said...

Didn't know most of them, thanks.

Btw, I started my own blog. Looking forward for the first time someone tells me to write less and roll more. Hah.

Caleb said...

Wow thank you for the kind words Seymour!

Meerkatsu said...

@Andre, well done for dipping your toes into the blogger world! Your site looks nice and with your creative skills and nice prose I look forward to seeing how it develops over the coming weeks, months and years. I would certainly like to know more about how BJJ is developing in Portugal. We recently had a number of Portuguese guests visiting us at Mill Hill BJJ (they came to compete at SENI) and I promised I would visit the Algarve for holiday and training one day soon with my family.

Meerkatsu said...

@David and Caleb - you guys do all the hard work, I'm just here to report it. Keep up the good work guys!

André said...

Thanks Seymour!

I have a friend there at Royce Gracie BJJ. Brits seem to be in love with Algarve so you'll be fine!
As far as BJJ goes, though, Lisbon is the place to be. the level there is sky rocketing from what I hear. I hope I'll be able to speak about it from my own point of view someday soon :)

Andre (BJJ Heroes) said...

Thank's Seymour. I am a big fan of your articles also, great blog hands down.

Unknown said...

Very nice site Meerkatsu. Check out www.insidebjj.com as well.

Steve said...

I hadn't heard of a couple of these links. Thanks.

And thanks for the link love in the UK-BJJ article. I'm always amazed and flattered to be associated with such good company.


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