4 Sept 2010

Father & Son Fighter Profile: Dave and Tyrone Elliott - Part Two

Following on from Omied's interview with dad Dave, here is part two of the father/son interview:

Fighter Profile: Tyrone 'Tyweezy' Elliott

by Omied Khakshour

OK: So Tyweezy, what’s your Age, rank and school?
Ty: I’m 15, a Green belt (4 stripe) and I train at Gracie Barra Newcastle

OK: How long have you been training jiu-jitsu and how did you start?

Ty: I’ve been doing BJJ for 11 years now.  I started watching UFC with my dad, and we used to mess around and play fight at home.  My dad has done martial arts for as long as I can remember, so it was natural for me to do the same.

OK: At fifteen you already have an enviable competition record with 3 SENI titles to your name, what are your aspirations/goals in BJJ and MMA?

Ty: Ultimately I want to be the first British black belt world champion but first I want to focus on the big competitions in the UK and Europe at all the belt levels.  In December I will be getting my blue belt and I realise that the step up will be difficult to adjust to at first but it’s a challenge I’m looking forward to.

I also have a British amateur MMA title fight in October on my Dad’s show against a tough opponent with a good record.  We have similar styles and strengths so it’s going to be a hard fight.  I am training very hard with my strength and conditioning coach Chris Bunton for this fight.

OK: What is your most memorable achievement?

Ty: My first SENI gold medal. I think I was 8 and it was my first big competition.

OK: How much of an influence and support has your Dad, been in your martial arts development?

Ty: He has been a huge influence on my BJJ, he always motivates me to do well and has helped me to achieve all the competition success I have had so far.  We used to train everyday but as I have gotten older it has slowed down a bit because of school and rugby (and girls, ha – Omied)

OK: Apart from your dad, who have been some of the biggest influences on your jiu-jitsu game?

Ty: Marc Walder and Ian Malone have been big influences.  All the guys at the club influence and help me every training session.

OK: Do you feel any pressure from the expectations many people have about your Jiu jitsu and what you may achieve in the future?

Ty: When I go into big competitions there is definitely pressure for me to do well because people know my dad and what I have done so far.  I use the pressure as motivation to spur on my training and to make sure my technique is tight.

OK: What else are you in to apart from martial arts?

Ty: I play rugby for North Shields under 16s.  I play blindside flanker and really enjoy the team sport aspect of rugby.  There is more chance of injury in rugby but it’s a risk I’m willing to take as I really enjoy it.

OK: What can we expect from you in the future?

Ty: I want to compete at the Euros next year; it’ll be my first big competition as a blue belt and my dad’s first black belt comp.

OK: Any last comments?

Ty: I would like to thank Tatami for all my equipment and for supporting me.  I’d also like to thank my strength and conditioning Coach Chris for putting a programme together for me, and of course my family for supporting me.

Ed: My thanks to Omied for submitting these interviews and thanks to the Elliott clan for agreeing to be featured. Coming soon...teen BJJ sensation, 'The Straussinator'

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