24 Sept 2010

Terere teaching photo meme

I'm well in to my memes. The whole Crazy-ass design a gi contest was created ostensibly to see how far one could go by creating a meme. Speaking of which, the contest is over for entries but the judges are still deliberating on the final 15. then the public get to choose their favourite winners.

The crazy gi meme was deliberate. But the Terere photo you see here was not. As you may recall, I went along to meet Terere, interview him and take photos of him conducting his seminar. The light coming in through the skylights above was nice and I'm really proud of the photos I took so I posted them on Facebook - as I normally do with my photos. Then it kinda exploded...

Terere himself loved them and asked for copies. He used the above photo as his profile picture:

Then his sponsor, Tatami Fightwear told me they loved the photos and wanted to use some for their press and adverts. I said no problem, long as you send me a free gi ;) You can see the advert in this month's Martial Arts Illustrated.

Then, Garra Fightwear, another sponsor of Terere pitched in and mentioned that they were designing a seminar tour t-shirt, and wanted to use the photo. I said sure, so long as you send me a free gi ;) Here's the T:

My interview with Terere will hopefully be out in the next issue (November '10) of Martial Arts Illustrated magazine and also in Japan's most awesome martial arts title: Gong Gaku. No doubt you'll see the same set of Terere teaching photos in those publications too.

You can view the full set of pictures on my Flickr page.


So where will my Terere photos turn up next?


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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


Georgette said...


AndrewWrites said...

That's it.. I'm taking a camera with me every time I hit the gym - free gis here I come!

AndrewWrites said...

Woops, forgot to mention that the photos look slick as.. but you already knew that, right?!?

Meerkatsu said...

Gee thanks guys!
Yes Copland, always bring a camera, you never know!

matt said...

Technically not a meme, but a really, really cool and enjoyable achievement, well done!

André said...

That's great Seymour! But do tell more about the new gis... which ones did you get? :D

Meerkatsu said...

There is no hard science definition of a 'meme' but I'm basing the use of the word on the original idea as proposed by Richard Dawkins - a unit of cultural exchange passed on from person to person. I'm calling it a 'photo-meme', not an internet meme.
Ultimately, it will die out, replaced by a newer, better, more popular photo of Terere.

@Andre, I'm getting an Estilo in cool white and possibly (it's been promised), if it ever comes out, a Fokai gi.

Caleb said...

Very nice!

Keep it up Seymour!

A.D. McClish said...

That is amazing!! Congrats!

Nick said...

a. Great photo, you've got some eye.

b. You do realise that soon you're going to need a wardrobe specifically for your gi collection?

Meerkatsu said...

Lol thanks! I already have a gi cupboard :)

Anonymous said...

AWESOME! What kind of camera/lens do/did you use?

Anonymous said...

AWESOME! What kind of camera/lens do/did you use?

Meerkatsu said...

Hey Julia,
I have a battered Nikon D200 and a very battered Sigma 70-200 F2.8. Both were bought cheap and third hand and tbh fail me every fifth shot but I can't afford a new camera :(
It's the same set-up I used for those Cobrinha shots I posted on Jiujitsu forums on your post about cameras.
I love my photo gear as much as I love BJJ!


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