15 Sept 2010

Fighter Profile - Part One: Daniel Strauss, Unmasked

Daniel Strauss - What others say:

This week I’m going to release an interview with my team mate Daniel Strauss. It’s been a personal mission of mine to interview him for a long time but somehow it was harder to do because as a team mate, instructor and friend, I found it harder to write objectively - I guess you can be too close to your subject sometimes. But now, the time seems right. Instead of me spouting off about how brilliant he is, I’m going to preface the interview with what others say about Daniel:

Nick Brooks, BJJ Black belt, head instructor Mill Hill BJJ Club
What makes Daniel Special: His.....Attention to Detail,Passion & Dedication for BJJ, Understanding of body mechanics, Wise head on young shoulders, Egoless, Always excited to step on the mat to fight, Always looking for the next challenge, Always looking to finish the fight, In time this is what will make him stand out from the rest.

David Onuma, BJJ Black Belt and founder of Combined Fighting Systems (CFS):
'Dan is a real talent but one who combines that talent with a serious work ethic and drive to succeed. Whilst I am currently helping him with improving his BJJ and his MMA, I personally gain from all the time we spend together and his no-gi game in my opinion is already at 'Black Belt' level'

Dickie Martin, BJJ Black Belt, Carlson Gracie London
Daniel always has a smile on his face and is such a nice guy you can’t help but like him. His jiu-jitsu just keeps getting better and better and better. Faixa Rua are proud to have him as one of their sponsored fighters.

Simon Hayes, BJJ Black Belt, Carlson Gracie London
Daniel Strauss embodies what BJJ should be, which is to have friendly upbeat attitude off the mat, but once he’s on the mat, he wants to tear people apart.

Andrew Marshall, strength and conditioning coach, Mill Hill Combat & Conditioning Centre
“Daniel obviously has great BJJ skills, but from my point of view he is also one of the most dedicated and talented athletes I have worked with. He understands the importance of strength & conditioning, and works his ass off when he's with me. I honestly think you would be very hard pushed to find a 19 year old 75kg guy anywhere who can do what Dan does. Also he's a funny dude, and alot of fun to work with. If we are not training we are pretty much laughing all day, well, or eating! That boy can eat!!“

Darren Jones, head of Force MMA in Hertfordshire:
“Having been involved in martial arts for over 27 years and MMA and grappling the last 11 years, I have trained with some of the worlds great fighters; Royce Gracie, Vitor Belfort, Mark Kerr, Marco Ruas, Chuck Liddell, Ernesto Hoost, Jerome le Banner, Hasdel, Roger Brooking, all at London Shoot, Sol Gilbert, Mark Bucanan.
All the guys above have one thing in common..vision - a natural clarity when they fight. Daniel Strauss is one of the most gifted, natural athletes I have ever met, and at 19 he is going to be a phenom around the world. He is already seen as the UK's No 1 grappler in his division. His list of competition wins speaks for itself, including being the UK's first ever World No Gi Champion.
Bringing Daniel on board at Force MMA was an easy decision. I wanted someone who wanted to be part of the club, who loved what they do, someone who would inspire and motivate both as an instructor as well as a current fighter or competitor. This was an important decision for me as most of the guys at Force MMA are competeing, or will be soon, so giving them the chance to learn and develop their skills from someone who is at the top of their game, is a great opportunity for any fighter.
Daniel’s love for his game is apparent in his teaching and fighting. His quirky attitude when he fights is cocky but not arrogant..just someone who has amazing ability. His teaching style is relaxed and informal however he is detailed in the application and explanation of techniques and spends the time with each of the guys as well as a group. He inspires the people he teaches..but does all this in a very simple effective way that everyone at all levels and capabilities take it in and can understand. He has helped our fighters change their game. He is also part of the fight prep & corner team which is a massive boost for the guys to have him there.
The future is bright..The future is Daniel Strauss.. he will be a legend in this game trust me!!

Matt Benyon, Scramble clothing
Scramble is proud to be associated with Dan. He takes his training very seriously, and the results show in competition. But he also manages to keep a good sense of humour which I think is essential in people who make a living from bashing people up.

I hope the testimonials above paint some sort of picture of Daniel’s ability both as an athlete and as an instructor as described by people around him. Now, for part two where you’ll get to hear from the horse’s mouth. Daniel talks about his training and competitive experiences, his rivals, his goofing around and his plans for future world domination!

Coming up next...Daniel Strauss speaks...


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