1 Oct 2010

Discount Codes and Facebook Groups - UPDATED!

As you can probably tell, I'm just a teensy wee bit OCD in many areas of my life. Grabbing discount codes and making up Facebook Groups are just two examples. I can't stop it! But I hope at least I can share the products of my OCD with you, dear and loyal Meerkatsu reader...take part in stuff, join up, punch in codes, buy cool gear, most of all...enjoy!


5% off everything by typing 'Meerkatsu' at checkout. Valid until Dec 31st

5% off everything by typing in 'meerkatsu5' at checkout. Valid until 31st October 2010

5% off everything by typing in 'meerkatsu' at the checkout. Valid until 31st October 2010

Get 10% off everything by using code 'meerkatsu' at checkout. Valid until 30th October 2010

Grab & Pull
Get 10% off all fightwear (not the events or contests) using code 'MEERKATSU' at checkout. Valid until 30th October 2010

Tatami Fightwear
Get 5% off everything using the code: 'MEERKATSU5'. Valid indefinitely.

The firms above are not random companies. I have personally bought or exchanged lengthy dialogues with all these companies and can vouch for their good service and excellent products. These discounts were secured because I nagged 'em. As far as I know, these companies don't often operate promotion codes, so use them while they last!

Facebook Groups

Gi Addicts Anonymous
Love BJJ gis? Even if you can't afford them, you still love them anyway? Pimped up patched gis or plain and simly elegance, then you are a gi-addict. Join now.

Crazy-Ass gi Design Contest
The contest is over, but you can still head on over and see all the crazy designs.
To see the finalists, then visit the Tatami Fightwear Facebook group.

Guild of BJJ Bloggers

Do you blog? If you don't, then do you just like reading blogs? In either case, join now!

Galo & Pluma

Are you the small guy or gal in your dojo? Join now for warm hugs and sympathetic small person jiu-jitsu stories.


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Author & Artist

Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


Iron Turtle said...

If these are the best. There must have been some real terrible offers sent in....

Lol I joke. Great stuff. Will abuse these codes as much as I can.

Meerkatsu said...


Haha, I'm getting more discount codes as we speak...it's my new obsession LOL!


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