6 Oct 2010

Win All Roy Dean's DVD Instructionals!

A short while ago I was lucky enough to meet, train with and interview BJJ Black Belt and instructional video guru Roy Dean. It was a great session and I really admire the way Roy communicates BJJ principles and techniques in such a clear manner.

My interview was written as a narrative feature story and published in Martial Arts Illustrated magazine in the UK. But as always, once the magazine has finished its run, I like to re-publish my interviews for all to see, for free. So if you head on over to the brilliant e-zine site Kombat Clinic, (and register your email to log in) you can read the full, and updated, Roy Dean interview.

But not only that, you'll get the chance to win ALL FIVE ROY DEAN INSTRUCTIONAL DVDs! That's right, just enter your details and Kombat Clinic will pick one random winner to receive Roy Dean's entire DVD instructional box set. If you bought it online it would set you back $175!
The set contains: the highly acclaimed Blue Belt Requirements, Purple Belt Requirements, No-gi Essentials, Art of the Wrist-lock and his Year 1 Seminars DVD. I kid you not when I say Roy's body of work is out there as some of the best BJJ instructionals on the planet.

Man, even my blagging powers cannot garner myself this box set (although to be fair, Roy's Honor gi makes up for it hee hee!)

Win these!

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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


Ryno said...

Hey Seymour, I have trained with Roy many times and can't say enough good things about him as a person and an instructor. His instructional videos are some of the best out there.


André said...

Awesome interview!


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