13 Oct 2010

Me-dia darlings!

Had a really cool day today organising a photo shoot with three of the UK's finest BJJ athletes for a forthcoming edition of Martial Arts Illustrated magazine.

Here's a sneak preview:

Oli Geddes chokes Leoni Munslow

Delroy McDowell, Leoni Munslow, Oli Geddes

Back to front

I have to say though, our location - the BST MMA Gym in Northampton - Oh My God! this place is phenomenal!!!! It is absolutely hands down the most awesome MMA gym I have ever visited - it has everything you can imagine. Cage, boxing ring, Dollomar mats, weights, exercise machines, punch bags, swish changing rooms, showers - the list goes on. If you are ever passing by Northampton, stop by - if not to train, then at least just to gawp and witness the future of MMA in the UK, living and breathing right here, right now!

More Media News
Yes, the Crazy gi contest is finally over. We have three winners. Head on over to the Crazy Gi blog to see the winners.

Even More Media News
Literally just received the new edition of top martial arts magazine Martial Arts Illustrated and my Terere photo set and interview inside looks absolutely amazing. I'm really proud of that one! Will post more details later on.

Yet more Media News!
I'm going to be on the Fightworks Podcast to talk about the Crazy Gi contest I think it will air this Sunday.

Some Contest News!
Big well done to Jon Broster from Nottingham, UK, who was picked by random to win the Kombat Clinic Roy Dean DVD Box Set prize draw. Woohoo to Jon, enjoy those instructionals!


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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


isaninja said...

Where was my invite Seymour san? :P

SkinnyD said...

A big congratulations, man! That's some really exciting stuff you've got going on.

Galo said...

Love the pin up gi design - any chance of a limited run available for purchase?

Meerkatsu said...

Thanks guys!
Yes SkinnyD been real busy past couple weeks, plenty more to come too.
Galo, I'm pretty sure Tatami will do something special with the pinup range - either as a commercial limited run to buy gi or tshirts and other merch. I have left Evan and Tatami to thrash out the details between them, but I agree it would be so cool to have it made into a commercially viable gi.

André said...

Nice work!

And looking forward to the podcast...should be great.

Matt said...

a good week then! well done mate :)


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