8 Nov 2010

A Bit of English

I had a blast at yesterday's English Open BJJ Championships - had a couple of great fights, met up with a huge bunch of great people and witenssed some mouth wateringly tasty fights. All in all, a grand day out.

Here are some choice photos from Day Two of the fights:
Alain Pozo v Roger Middleton

Vicky Todd v Tiff

Black belt superfight 1

Alex De Souza wonders what Bruno Melo (below) is complaining about

Graham Welsh attempts an armbar

Zagham Younes fights with huge spirit

Judo genius and now BJJ brown belt, Graham Welsh maitains calm

Delroy McDowell in high flying action

Rachel McMillan storming her way to absolute gold

BTW Tiff here (above) is not showboating, the ref halted the match but kept position so Tiff smiled at me while waiting

How did I do?
Oh well ifyou must ask, I won silver in my category. It was such good fun to compete - I think I've shaken off those early purple belt nerves and I can now go out there just to try and do my stuff. I didn't take any videos sadly, which is a shame as I think you would have enjoyed watching the pint sized maestro that is Mark Phung flip and cartwheel around me in the final match heh heh!

Oh, and I forgot to bring my contact lenses - you could say I fought my matches completely blind, which I almost am with out my lenses or glasses. But hey ho, luckily the nature of BJJ contests mean far sightedness is not such an issue.

I want to thank my fellow purple belt master fighters James Carey and Mark Phung for our fights and a big thankyou to David Onuma who popped up out of nowhere like a guardian angel and gave me a thoroughly brilliant pep talk before my fights. I want to also thank Andrew Marshall for all those early Saturday morning conditioning sessions which paid off today. And of course thanks to my coach Nick Brooks. Cheers and well done to all my Mill Hill BJJ team mates who fought with such amazing spirit these past two days, I'm so proud to represent the badge. Days like these make me smile the biggest BJJ smile. Onwards and upwards!

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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


Liam H Wandi said...

Absolutly fantastic photos! It is indeed a shame you didn't take any vids and many many congrats on both the silver and on having a great day :o)

Meerkatsu said...

Cheers mate!

AndrewWrites said...

Congrats man!!

André said...


David Onuma - Combined Fighting Systems said...

It was my pleasure to coach you that day and to watch you fight. You fought intelligently and with spirit and heart. Onwards and upwards indeed. See you on the mat soon :)


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