22 Nov 2010

Spiderman! A seminar with World Champ Michael Langhi

Michael Langhi is a very cool guy. His coolness, and the awesome seminar of his that I just attended stopped my day today from becoming one of complete disaster.

The story, in short, was that I was supposed to photograph Michael an hour before the seminar. Remarkably, I arrived on time, so did he, and I set up all my lights and I planned where to take photos and it was all gonna look mega cool and as I searched in my gear bag I realised I forgot to pack my camera memory cards. Complete and utter FAIL!!!!! Well my buddy Andrew and I drove frantically around town - Sunday remember - and hunted down some cards but the seminar was already under way by the time we got back. To top off my shite start to the day, I got a parking ticket too, Grrrrrrrrrrrr!

But damn I soon forgot all my woes as Michael patiently guided us through a spider guard tour de force, revealing a selection of his most devastating world beating techniques. It wasn't just the dozen or so sweeps, passes, and other manoeuvres he showed that impressed me, it was the calm, patient manner in which he examined each and every one of us practising the technique, staying with each pair, correcting us until we got it right. After each assessment, Michael would exclaim "right!, yessss, very well done perrrrfect". His positive vibes made me feel like a world champ each time.

After the seminar closed, Michael graciously stayed behind to pose for my photographs which turned out to be a lot of fun. He really loves the media and was so happy to go along with my whacky photo ideas. I've got a really special snap that I'm saving for when the interview and photographs are published in new UK BJJ magazine "Jiu Jitsu Style" comes out in February. More about Jiu Jitsu Style in a later posting, but until then, here are some snaps that I can release for public viewing:


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slideyfoot said...

Heh - cliche, but I thought he was taller (unless he's bending down a lot in that pic with you?) ;)

Meerkatsu said...

Not sure Michael's precise height but he is actually shorter in real life than you would imagine. Obviously being a multiple World Champ doesn't always bring Roger-like increases in physical stature! Oh but he is bending sideways a fair bit.

Anonymous said...

Michael's a cool dude.

Junior Familia said...

As always Seymour, I envy your being able to train with a world class bjj fighter!

nice photos !


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